Fantagraphics Announces Print Publication Of CRISIS ZONE

On August 4th, American publisher Fantagraphics announced they would publish a physical collection of CRISIS ZONE, a webcomic by Simon Hanselmann.

Fantagraphics Announces Print Publication Of CRISIS ZONE
Crisis Zone cover courtesy of Fantagraphics

Fantagraphics will publish the Eisner-winning work in what the publisher describes as an unabridged and uncensored format, with over 500 additional panels and creator commentary. Most intriguing to me is that Hanselmann is an Angoulême winner, back in 2018 for Best Series for his series Megg, Mogg, and Owl, of which CRISIS ZONE is a part.

Set in the colorful NSFW world of the bestselling Megg, Mogg and Owl series, CRISIS ZONE was born amidst the uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis. As the pandemic continued to escalate far beyond any reasonable expectations, CRISIS ZONE escalated right along with it — in real time, with daily posts on Instagram. Its battle mission was to amuse the masses: after all, no matter how horrible and bleak everything seemed, at least Werewolf Jones wasn't in your house!

Watch Megg attempt to bury herself in a digital world of escapism! See Mogg fall down the rabbit hole of paranoia and conspiracy theories! Experience Owl's metamorphosis from timid and uptight worrywart to a no-holds-barred, asskicking leader and back again! Witness Werewolf Jones's journey from reluctant erotic performer, to viral TikTok stardom, to Netflix sensation! Bouncing rapidly between comedy, horror, action, and relational soap-operatics, CRISIS ZONE refuses to take the pedal off the gas as we all hurtle towards unknown destinations.

"Crisis Zone is (I'm told) the ultimate piece of pandemic art," said Hanselmann. "You won't find a better record of what went down in 2020."

To promote the release, Hanselmann will do a virtual launch party hosted by Los Angeles comics store Secret Headquarters on August 19th at 6 pm PDT.

Hanselmann will also do an in-person appearance at the Fantagraphics bookstore in Seattle on August 28th, performing a "noise set", DJ'ing the the comic's soundtrack and signing books. Hanselmann promises complimentary absinthe and Dr. Pepper cocktails at that event.

Fantagraphics will release CRISIS ZONE on August 17th.

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