First Appearance Of Unknown Ranger in Drakkon: New Dawn #1 (SPOILERS)

Today, Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #1 hits comic shops with the first appearance of The Unknown Ranger, a new character who seems to be flying under the radar (even though we told you about him first) …which also means that Power Rangers fans will probably flock to it.

After all, first appearances tied to Drakkon are always hot, whether it Lord Drakkon's first appearance still selling for $180 or the Ranger Slayer, whose first appearance sells for $18 if you're only buying a raw copy.

So, who is this new character? One thing we do know is what he looks like – thanks to the cover of Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #3.

The First Appearance Of The Unknown Ranger in Drakkon: New Dawn #1 <SPOILERS>
Cover to Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #3

It's fair to assume he's tied to the "Deadlock:" mentioned in the solicitations for this issue, which is Lord Drakkon's prison in his "Coinless" Universe and the target of Ranger Slayer's interests.

But the fact that the Unknown Ranger is in an Iron Mask (or whatever substance one uses when they're a super villain) means his identity is going to shock readers and something about his face must have really pissed off Lord Drakkon, AKA Evil Alternate Universe Tommy Oliver AKA The Green Ranger.

So, with that in mind, we got four good guesses as to who's under the mask:

Zordon: Yes, the Coinless version of Zordon is dead and we certainly saw it…but he's also survived certain death before. After all, he is a giant floating head in the main Power Rangers timeline and he certainly seems like the kind of person whose face would remind Tommy of his betrayals. Plus, he's bright and shiny which can't be easy on the eyes. Also: who is to say there's anything under the suit? Zordon has returned bodiless before.

  • Jason: We've seen Coinless Jason's body in this universe but who's to say he was actually dead? After all, we've only ever been told that the Coinless Jason is dead…so could the classic Jason/Tommy rivalry be reborn in this universe once more?
  • Billy: Much like the example of Jason, we've been told that Coinless Billy died in this universe, and we saw a body, but that doesn't mean he's actually dead. Given the way that Boom has expanded the Power Rangers mythos, who's to say the Unknown Ranger's metal suit doesn't indicate he's some kind of cyborg with just Billy's head and/or brain under the mask?
  • Tommy: Okay, hear me out. The Unknown Ranger is a man in an iron (or other substance) mask. And if we follow that path, who's to say this isn't a version of Tommy that Drakkon saved from another world to learn from? There's no one Drakkon would hate seeing more than himself, after all.

Regardless of the answer, it looks like we've got another big new character from Drakkon's world – so expect the Unknown Ranger to be a major player, even after his identity is revealed.

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #1 is in comic shops today.

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