First Look at Giulio Macaione's Alice: From Dream to Dream

All week long, BOOM! Studios has been celebrating its upcoming Young Adult comics in the best way a comic book publisher knows how. No, they're not rebooting them with new #1 issues. For the most part, they're sending out first-look previews as part of their BOOM! Box Jam week-long event. Today's comic is Alice: From Dream to Dream, by writer and artist Giulio Macaione.

What's it all about? For that, we turn to the press release:

Arriving in stores September 2018, ALICE: FROM DREAM TO DREAM presents the story of Alice, who's moved back to Cincinnati and is stuck sharing a bedroom with her brother. But Alice has got an even bigger problem – she's sharing his dreams, too! The bright spot in her life is her best friend, Jamie, but there's more history between their families than Alice realized, and there are secrets buried deep in their small town that only she'll be able to explore…and only in her dreams!

Next, we turn to BOOM! Senior Editor Shannon Watters, whose job is to come up with an endless supply of quotes for press releases like this one:

There's a fine line between a dream and a nightmare, but both help make us discover the inescapable truths about who we are, something Giulio captures perfectly. From stunningly gorgeous art to unforgettable characters, ALICE: FROM DREAM TO DREAM is lush joy of a graphic novel.

But enough with the words, right? You came for the first look, so check out the pages below. Alice: From Dream to Dream hits stores in September.

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