Flash Rebirth Might As Well Be DC Universe Rebirth #2 – And Who Put The Blood Back on The Watchmen Smiley?

This is how the main narrative of DC Universe Rebirth #1 ended, with Wally West providing a narrative talking to Barry, while Batman makes a discovery in his Batcave.


Today's Flash Rebirth #1 not only continues that conversation between Barry Allen and Wally West, but also explores Batman's discovery. It might as well be DC Universe Rebirth #2.

It ties into the end of Titans Hunt #8 as well…

Image (44)

We got more details of what had happened to the citizens and superheroes of the DC Universe.

Image (43) While in the Batcave, Batman has a smiley face to analyse.

Image (45)

I can't deny that this kind of thing feels more like Watchmensch 2….

Image (46)

What, like a creator-owned comic book series being co-opted by contract into the basis for a corporate continuity against the wishes, or even knowledge, of its creators? That does indeed sound very personal.

So what was the Comedian's blood irradiated by? He was killed by Ozymandias, how did his smiley face button even get picked up and passed on? Rorschach picked it up in Watchmen and passed it on to Nite Owl, who cleaned the blood off it and dropped it in the Comedian's grave.

Who took the badge out? Who put the blood back on anyway?

Across the Rebirth, there is a theme of people watching and changing things…


Aquaman and Mera have a mortal enemy keeping tabs and monologuing…


Batman in Detective Comics has issues with a spy watching them with cameras… but somehow doesn't tie that in with what's happening in Flash

Image (36)

While in Action Comics, Mr Oz – who we believe to be Ozymandias, continues to do similar with Superman…

Image (38)

"Nothing ever ends, Adrian."

Image (2) And Wonder Woman looks at what has been stolen and twisted in her own continuity…

Flash Rebirth #1, Aquaman Rebirth #1, Wonder Woman Rebirth #1. Action Comics #957 and Detective Comics  #934 are published today.

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