Forget the Multiverse, Its Marvel Vs Russia in Avengers #49 (Spoilers)

The Black Widow movie gave Marvel Comics a reason to push the Russia Vs USA tropes in recent Avengers comic books, with She-Hulk going through a similar Red Room indoctrination that Black Widow originally underwent. And while that was a couple of movies ago, the story is still playing out. And in Avengers #49, even as we are expecting the Multiversal Avengers, set up by the What If TV show in the following issue, it is still all about Russia versus the world.

Avengers #49 All About Russia
Avengers #49

Or at least Russia versus Atlantis as a precursor to the rest of it. Man, whether it's Superman or the Avengers, Atlantis is at the centre of international incidents these days. I wonder if Russia sent anyone to walk around the cathedrals of Atlantis? Or have incriminating video tapes of whatever Namor The Sub Mariner did in that hotel room?

Avengers #49 All About Russia
Avengers #49

And just in case Marvel Comics was to dodge the issue like the movie did by having the Red Room as an independent rogue body, Avenger s#49 makes sure you know that it's all part of the Kremlin. Well, I suppose the Avengers have had the US government as the bad guys too often, it makes a retro change to go back to Russia and the dirty commies.

Welcome To Krakoa, X-Men (Spoilers)
X-Force #24

As today's X-Force also lays out the threat of Russia and its secrets forces against the rest of the world, including Krakoa – as well as Arakki. Well, it is Red Planet after all.

Avengers #49 All About Russia
Avengers #49

Especially since the Russians are planning a nuclear assault on Atlantis committing an act of genocide on the Atlantead race.

Avengers #49 All About Russia
Avengers #49

A gmma bomb nicked from Germany. A rather serious mistake given when happened the last times the Russians interefered with gamma bomb technology. While Immortal Hulk #50 also throws in some gamma history and knows who you should really blame, not the Germans or the Russians but the French.

Immortal Hulk #50 by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett
Immortal Hulk #50

While Avengers #49 goes even further back into history, bringing up some Soviet gods of old. Thor may hang out in the USA, but Perun and Chernobog have more slavic tastes… and a greater history of involvement in warfare on the Russian side, it seems.

Avengers #49 All About Russia
Avengers #49


(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Javi Garron
"WORLD WAR SHE-HULK" Goes Nuclear!
War beneath the waves. The Winter Hulk has been sent to Atlantis with a dark mission. And things will get even darker and bloodier if the Russian super-assassin Red Widow has her way. But no matter who wins, She-Hulk and the Avengers will be changed forever! And next month, it all explodes in AVENGERS #750! RATED T+In Shops: Oct 13, 2021 SRP: $3.99

(W) Ben Percy (A) Martin Coccolo (CA) Joshua Cassara
MIKHAIL RASPUTIN's nesting doll agents have infiltrated Krakoa before, but never like this. If BLACK TOM can't root out their invasion of BEAST, the consequences go beyond mere death. Time for PIOTR RASPUTIN, A.K.A. COLOSSUS, to step in! PARENTAL ADVISORYIn Shops: Oct 13, 2021 SRP: $3.99

(W) Al Ewing (A) Joe Bennett (CA) Alex Ross
•  Down in the Below-Place, the Hulk searches among the ghosts of the past for the answers to all his questions.
•  The One Below All, the Green Door, Samuel Sterns, Jackie McGee and Bruce Banner. It's all been leading here.
•  This is the last issue of THE IMMORTAL HULK.
RATED T+In Shops: Oct 13, 2021
SRP: $9.99

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