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Firings, Layoffs And Comic Book Reso
Headhunted by CBR founder Jonah Weiland from Jason Brice's Silver Bullet Comics where I wrote All The Rage comic book gossip column (now memory holed into non-existence), I wrote the Lying The Gutters column, and it made my name Bleeding Cool wouldn't exist without it. And CBR is in trouble again, with owners Valnet imposing greater[...]
Hero Collector
CBR is challenging The Hollywood Reporter over its new definition of the word "exclusive" when they state that they can "exclusively reveal that DC is launching a new Batman Incorporated series from writer Ed Brisson and artist John Timms this October." A week ago Bleeding Cool reported "DC Comics will be publishing a new Batman Incorporated series[...]
JobWatch: Meagan Damore Moves To Marvel, Chris Arrant Moves On
Yesterday Meagan Damore, Lead Outreach Editor and former News Editor of CBR for the past seven years tweeted out "Hey! Big news! On Monday, I'm joining Marvel.com as their new Associate Editor!!! I am SO excited to start bringing all y'all some of the latest and greatest from the Marvel Comics Universe and beyond[...]
The cover to Hawkeye: Freefall #5, only available digitally due to coronavirus cost-cutting measures.
However, even Rosenberg has trouble figuring out what the heck CBR is talking about Rosenberg took to Twitter to express confusion over the latest CBR headline that could have been generated by an algorithm. "I write this book, and I don't even know what this is a reference to," Rosenberg tweeted in response to a headline[...]
Jonah Weiland, Head Of Marketing at DC Comics
After hearing from a number of sources this afternoon, I understand that Jonah Weiland, former owner of Comic Book Resources – now better known as CBR – is returning to the comic book industry and has accepted a place at DC Comics, in the role of Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services I understand[...]
CBR, and a Little Weekend Cosplay Shaming
I used to write for Comic Book Resources when it was called Comic Book Resources, rather than CBR You may remember a little Monday morning column I wrote for them called Lying In The Gutters Bleeding Cool, created by Avatar Press, exists as a direct result of that It was sold by my then-boss Jonah[...]
Managing Editor Albert Ching Leaves Comic Book Resources
CBR Managing Editor Albert Ching announced on Twitter today that he's leaving his position to pursue other opportunities In his departing statement, Ching said something that no one else has ever said about the profession of comic book "journalism," referring to it as "a dream job and one of the most rewarding experiences of my[...]
brian cronin candy crush
Brian Cronin is best known in the comic book industry for his CBR column Comic Book Legends Revealed, which survived the CBR cull when Jonah Weiland sold the site, as well as writing widely for the site But he has also written a number of spinoff books, including Was Superman a Spy? and Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent? with[...]
Wondercon logo
This isn't really a negative, with so many prolific writers popping up in places like io9, Bleeding Cool, and The Nerdist, there's plenty of room in the waters of the internet for everyone with a column. One of the annual panels at both WonderCon and SDCC focuses on this very subject, Everyone's A Critic: Being a[...]
Is This What A Hydra Takeover Of Your Favorite Websites Will Look Like? [UPDATED]
Neither CBR nor Newsarama have Secret Empire takeovers today, though that doesn't necessarily mean anything about what they'll have in June CBR confirmed to Bleeding Cool that they will not be taking part in the Hydra Takeover in June Newsarama had no comment ComicBook.com has not responded at this time. As for Bleeding Cool… shockingly, we were never[...]
How Comic Book Resources Employees Learned Their Site Had Been Sold To Valnet
In a press release, Weiland is quoted as saying "After 21 incredible years running CBR, it's time to begin a new chapter, I'm very proud of what the site has become and what the CBR team has accomplished Knowing that the CBR legacy will continue to grow in the capable hands of Valnet and their team is[...]
Today's Big Walking Dead Final Page Mega-Spoiler
Just as CBR spoiled a big plot twist in last night's Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD before the West Coast and the rest of the world could see it…   …so an unnamed retailer on the West Coast sent me the final page of The Walking Dead Handy as a) I'm in an airport and b) couldn't get[...]
Marvel To Publish Fewer Comics During Secret Wars
Well, this might be about to become more extreme. At a press conference at Midtown Comics today, reported by CBR, Axel Alonso stated "It will whittle down the title count a little bit. I think we'll be putting out a few less titles, but not remarkably less And as we said, we'll be illuminating the plan itself[...]
Get Half Off Your First ComiXology Purchase, Whatever It Is
But right now ComiXology are doing a special sale, half off your first order. And because they are maybe trying to get pirates to go legit, they are using for the discount code, the filename suffix of many pirated comics, CBR. It might also be the perfect opportunity to purchase a digital comic for a friend, a[...]
Secret Origins Rumours And More Confirmed By DC Comics
Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool ran a number of rumours about upcoming DC Comics. Now DC Comics PR department has confirmed a couple of them to CBR Namely Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman Vs Bane and a new ongoing series Secret Origins We were able to get further details about what Secret Origins was, a series of[...]
Kapow – The Women Are On Their Way (UPDATE)
Bleeding Cool ran an article yesterday on accusations that the upcoming London convention, Kapow, was a bit of a sausagefest when it came to comic book creators, based on the observation that every announced comics guest was, again, male. We also pointed out that, as last year, they would be female creators at the show, just[...]
Skullkickers' Jim Zubavich Pirates His Own Makeshift Miracles Comic
Containing both a PDF and a CBR file of the first full issue of the comic, in order to reach as many readers as possible This is the extra message you get when you do so. Here's a link to the torrent file I am seeding it right now. Skullkickers' Jim Zubavich and UDON Studios have[...]
DC Relaunch: Red Lanterns 1, Green Lantern Corps 1 and New Guardians 1 Covers
In an intriguingly timed stunt, DC have handed the three mkssing covers to Red Lanterns #1, Green Lantern Corps #1 and Green Lantern: The New Lanterns #1 to Newsarama, CBR and Comics Alliance respectively. So Bleeding Cool decided to nick them all and put them on one page. Say, aren't Marvel meant to be announcing something today?[...]