Francesco Francavilla Returns To Kara Böcek In Latest Black Beetle Story

Francesco Francavilla returns to The Black Beetle just in time to celebrate the acclaimed characters 10th anniversary. The character made his debut on the forums in January of 2006. It was a 10 minute doodle.


Three years later the artist decided to do a webcomic and posted a poll on his blog asking readers whether they wanted to see Max Malone or The Black Beetle. Over two thirds went with the hero described as "in the vein of masked vigilante pulp in some sort of '40s/'50s settings, with some slight (40s/50s) sci-fi tone to it." In May 2009 No Way Out debuted and ran for 10 pages, one every Sunday. It was collected into an ashcan and sold at Heroescon 2009.

His web story, one he called Kara Böcek, began in December of that year and was planned as twenty pages. When ten of he landscape pages had been posted, Francavilla said he was a third done… but the eleventh page was the last one posted.

In 2012, The Black Beetle debuted in the pages of Dark Horse Present with Night Shift. It ran in three 8-page segments in DHP #11 – #13. Then there was the Black Beetle miniseries No Way Out which ran for four issues. Francavilla mentioned Kara Böcek in the letters pages, stating his plans to return to the story.

Another miniseries was planned, Necrologue, which was solicited but never came out.

Now, with the upcoming issue of Dark Horse Present vol 3 #28, Francavilla finally returns to Kara Böcek as he had promised. We have a few preview pages below.

Dark Horse Presents 3 #28
New this month, Francesco Francavilla and Dark Horse celebrate ten years of the acclaimed creator's work! Beloved pulp superhero the Black Beetle returns in a brand new story—"Kara Böcek"!

In James Andrew Clark and Enzo Pertile's Winter's Apprentice, an aging exorcist brings his burgeoning granddaughter along for her first mission—with surprising results. Plus, this month's issue also features a new Chapel Chronicles story: "The Hats of London"!

Rounding out this issue are new chapters of Paul Levitz and Tim Hamilton's Brooklyn Blood; Kaare Andrews and Troy Nixey's Black Sinister; Rubber Guns by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Keith Goldberg, and Aaron Campbell; and Murder Society by John Nadeau and Dan Jolley!

dhp3-28-black-beetle-pg-01 dhp3-28-black-beetle-pg-02-03 dhp3-28-black-beetle-pg-04 dhp3cover

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