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The origins of the universe, from Green Lantern – and shots from NASA!



Tom Breevort replies when asked,

While Coulson and Marcus Fury Jr. arrival in the comic canon, and considering Agents of Shield's renewal and tie-in with the Cinematic Universe, how plausible is to get characters from the TV show into the comic canon? I for one would absolutely buy a book with Melinda May on it. Thank you for your answer, and don't let the trolls bite you!

With the welcome response,

I think it's likely that you'll see Marvel Universe incarnations of the MAoS characters turning up in the near future at some point.


You may remember this song.


Well, MJ Hibbert performed it the other night, in Northampton, with Alan Moore in the audience.

On stage I'd noticed that Alan Moore HIMSELF was sitting on the front row! As I say, he is very much one of my all-time HEROES, and so I WRESTLED with whether or not i could, or SHOULD, do my song about him. On the one hand, it might seem WEIRD and he'd come out for a fun evening without being HASSLED, but on the other… well, i couldn't really NOT, could I? Thus I came back on and did THIS:

The Peterborough All-Saints Wide Game Team (group B)
The Ballad Of Alan Moore
Get Over It
The Lesson Of The Smiths

It was a HUGE amount of fun – Mr Alan Moore took the whole thing very well, and I got to say the "Thank You" bit directly TO him. I'd worried that Normal (i.e. non-comics reading) People in the audience might not understand half of it, especially the bits about alternate universes, but this didn't seem to matter and it was a DELIGHTFUL experience, which led to the rest of the set going pretty good too. It was certainly the NICEST one of these comedy-type gigs I've done – i have learnt before that comedy audiences prefer SLOWER songs, so did all of the above at a much slower tempo than normal. It seemed to work!


York library in Pennsylvania has launched a digital comic reading lending service to its readers.

The York County Library System has just launched a digital-reader program for comics. Eleven thousand titles are now available through the library system to borrow and read on your e-reader, computer or smartphone.

The library has old and new titles to borrow, everything from Lego comics for your little ones to Naruto, Bleach and Vampire Knight for older readers.


From Move On petitions, an appeal to Diane Nelson to get Amanda Connor's Power Girl comic an "Absolute Edition".

If you look at the Absolute Editions currently out only three series have women as the title character: Danger Girl, Death, & Promethea. Not even Wonder Woman, one of DC's "Big Three" superheroes, has an Absolute edition. How depressing is that?

You can search for the "needles" of female creators in the "hay stack" of male dominated credits, but I already did that for you. Of all the Absolute Editions the highest billed female creator is Lynn Varley, who is the colorist for Absolute Dark Knight and Absolute Ronin. Another colorist, Laura Martin, comes in close second working on Absolute Planetary vol. 1& 2.

With top billing usually going to the writer and artist, you will sadly find title page credits lacking female creators. Jill Thompson provided art for Neil Gaiman's Sandman "The Parliament of Rooks" & "Brief Lives", collected in Absolute Sandman vol. 2 & 3, yet her name is buried in a list with other artists. Absolute Death, another Neil Gaiman book, features art by Caitlin R. Kiernan, and much like Thompson, Kiernan is only listed as one of many artists. Rebecca Buchman, inker on a portion of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home is also barely visible in a list of creators in Absolute Batman & Robin: Batman Reborn.)

In terms of female editors, there are none who hold top billing by themselves in your Absolute Editions: Kristy Quinn shares co-editing credit with Scott Dunbier in Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. 2, Karen Berger co-edited with Schott Nybakken on Absolute V for Vendetta, and Barbara Kesel shares an editing credit with Len Wein for Absolute Watchmen.

The Absolute Editions are supposed to be the cream of the crop in terms of DC comics and they are sorely missing female title characters and creators


A reader writes,

I noticed that on the cover of Superior Spider-Man Team Up #10 it credits Yost, Sliney and Fabela as the creative team but is actually by Kevin Shinick and Checchetto.

Oh and inside it credits the cover to Pablo Rivera and it's by Checchetto.

Poor Checchetto….


As of February 19 the U.S state Department is asking citizens from around the globe to create a superhero that represents what they think global value is all about. Since a guide is needed into the world of comics they turned to the San-Diego comic-con for assistance.

No matter where we live in the world, or what our external circumstances are, people are more similar than dissimilar," said David Glanzer, Comic-Con International's director of marketing and public relations, who flew to D.C. for this international online discussion. "Righteousness, justice, strength in the face of adversity — these transcend cultural differences."

Glanzer will be joined in Washington by Evan Ryan, assistant secretary of State for educational and cultural affairs, and — via remote connection — Naif Al-Mutawa, a Kuwaiti psychologist who created "The 99," a comic book featuring Muslim superheroes.

Superheroes@State is to begin at 4:30 a.m., Pacific Standard Time. The live webchat is to be broadcast online at


French publisher Gallimard talks to Variety about the amount of work translated from their comics catalogue into films in the French market.

On average, about ten films, drawn from works that are part of our catalogue, are commercially released every year. Among them, for example, "Ernest et Celestine," by Gabrielle Vincent (Casterman), which was scripted by Daniel Pennac and which has been nominated for the Oscars. "Le Transperceneige," by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette (Casterman), "Incidences," by Philippe Djian (Gallimard), which was adapted by the Larrieu brothers and called "L'amour est un crime parfait"; and, as well, Lulu femme nue," by Etienne Davodeau (Futuropolis). All of which have been recently released.


The LA Times announces its five nominations for the Graphic Novel prize.

  • Incidents in the Night: Volume 1 by David B. (Uncivilized Books)
  • Hand-Drying in America: And Other Stories by Ben Katchor (Pantheon)
  • Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life by Ulli Lust (Fantagraphics),
  • The End by Anders Nilsen (Fantagraphics)
  • The Great War: July 1, 1916: The First Day of the Battle of the Somme by Joe Sacco (W. W. Norton & Co.)



The Beat reports, from an expensive Publisher's Weekly ad that DC will spend a quarter of a million on Vertigo advertising this year (including the Publisher's Weekly ad?). Well, they are providing 100% co-op deals to stores where they will pay for all of a store's ads if they feature Vertigo prominently…


Esquire (via Robot 6) runs a feature on the New York bar Dead Rabbit whose menu is delivered in the form of a graphic novel.

The story goes that the man also earned his nickname, Old Smoke, after he found his back pinned down to a fallen stove's coals—his flesh burning—and fought his way to victory. That's depicted in the second spread, beside an array of eight "Fiery" cocktails.


kevinkellersuperhero-610x937SUPERHEROIC PRIDE

The gay press pick up on Archie Comics' Kevin Keller getting a new superhero identity, The Equalizer.

In later storylines Kevin will also be relying on his father and best friend Veronica Lodge in his quest to triumph over wrongdoing. To this end, Veronica supplies him with his own version of Batman's Batcave and helps to come up with the idea for his costume, which borrows from the Human Rights Campaign's well-known equal sign.


Thanks to Macey Lavoie for the assist.

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