Halloween Man Creator Raising for Aerobicide's Terry Parr COVID Relief

Jason chats with Halloween Man comic creator Drew Edwards on his IndieGogo to raise money to alleviate the amassed Covid-related medical expenses of Terry Parr, creator of the comic Aerobicide. The Indiegogo project: the Aerobicide/ Lucy Chaplin Science Starlet Crossover.

For those unfamiliar, Lucy Chaplin is an adventurer in her own titles and in the ongoing Halloween Man universe, where she uses a combination of super-science and sexiness to fight a bizarre array of villains. Her universe is one that Edwards describes as the 2021 that the people of the fifties thought we would have. Terry Parr's creation Aerobicide is an action comic set in the 80s, featuring "aerobics, heavy metal, yuppies, weightlifters, and ninjas." Creator Terry Parr is a Korean-American artist & writer currently living in Fort Worth. Terry is known for his comic/manga pin-up style. His works can be seen on Ninja High School (Antarctic Press), Aerobicide, The Extreme Ninja Workout, Vampirella, Dusk Comics, Rio Bravo Comics, TeeFury, and Project A-Kon (America's 4th largest Anime convention).

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Drew Edwards is the writer/creator of the long-running underground comic Halloween Man, currently published by Comixology.  He is a Best Writer Ringo nominee, Austin Chronicle "Best of Austin" award winner, and a member of the Pen America Fellowship.

Says the organizer:

Everybody knows the last year has been filled with unprecedented challenges.  It felt like Covid-19 changed the world overnight and we all were just in a rush to keep up with those changes.  Some of us were hit harder than others.  

 Terry Parr is a father, husband, and comic creator.  I've been proud to call Terry a friend and creative partner for the better part of two decades.  He is extremely talented, imaginative, and a wizard with a pencil.  He is like a brother to me.  So, of course, when he got sick, I knew I had to help him. 

 Like so many, Terry was hit with high medical bills after contracting Covid-19.  Thankfully, a solution presented itself in the form of an indie comics crossover between my own Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet and Terry's Aerobicide.  Based on a story originating from myself and Terry,   I have gathered a talented creative team to bring this tale to life.   This comic has it all, bodacious babes, pop culture references, gallows humor, and of course PUNK ROCK ZOMBIES! Best of all, proceeds from this crowdfund will be going to help the Parr family cover Terry's medical bills. 

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Aerobicide/Halloween Man cover used with permission

Listen here:

Check out the fundraiser.



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