Hank Kanalz To Run DC's June 2015 Event?

Hank_Kanalz-200x300I don't know what it's called. I don't know what it's about. I don't know what books it involves, who is writing or drawing the titles or whether it involves John Constantine or not.

All I know is that in June 2015, DC Comics will launch an event or other. And that  Hank Kanalz. Senior Vice President of Vertigo and Integrated Publishing at DC Comics, has been telling folk he's running it.

Things may change of course. Tom DeFalco was working on the Band Aid before he was replaced with Dan DiDio and Marie Javins. But this is what he's saying.

Kanalz is also known as the co-creator of Youngblood (in the way that Tony Moore is the co-creator of The Walking Dead – mentioned on the initial copyright notations from the publisher but subsequently deleted)

Kanalz came to DC Comics via Warners via Wildstorm and has certainly been a friend of the Bleeding Cool in the past. Looks like he's making a run for next year's Power List…

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