What Happens In Vegas… Will Be In Doctor Strange: Damnation By Nick Spencer, Donny Cates, And Rod Reis

Everyone has been wondering what Nick Spencer will be up to in Marvel Legacy (except for Rich Johnston, who is sure it will be a Spider-Man book). Well, now we have the answer, at least for five issues: a new Doctor Strange mini along with Donny Cates and artist Rod Reis, called Doctor Strange: Damnation. Doctor Strange heads to Sin City in the comic in an attempt to deal with the damage caused by Secret Empire, though honestly, we think it's going to take more than just the master of the mystic arts to clean up that mess.

Oh, sorry, they're talking about the fictional damage in the comic book version of the city, not the damage to Marvel's reputation and the character of Captain America. Yeah, that makes more sense.

So in the story, Strange goes to Vegas and apparently accidentally summons Mephisto, and then needs to gather a team of mystic Marvel heroes including Ghost Rider, Blade, Iron Fist, and Moon Knight to take him on before he sets up shop outside a drive through wedding chapel and starts retconning the marriages of everyone who just got hitched.

The news was revealed via an interview on ComicBook.com, and as far as we can tell, nobody in this comic is going to turn into a Nazi. Probably. Well, we can never rule it out, we suppose.

"This story very much begins with one of the biggest lingering wounds of Secret Empire — the destruction of Vegas, and the impact that's had on both the heroes and the world at large," said Spencer in the interview. "But like all the stories we're doing that deal with that event's fallout — whether it's Captain America or Tales of Suspense or Deadpool or Falcon, it's important to us that what we're doing now stands on its own two feet. So if you read Secret Empire, I think this adds to the tapestry. But if you didn't, this can certainly be enjoyed as its own thing, no continuity knowledge required."

"As a die-hard Marvel fan myself, the end of the first issue had me freaking out with how cool and hardcore it is," added Cates. "There's this thing that happens (You'll know it when you see it) that I just LOST it over when Nick and I were brainstorming the series. It's so much fun. Nick and I are buddies, so we just get on the phone and jam on stories and ideas all the time. And obviously Nick is an amazing writer, so it's just such a kick to play in the magical Marvel sandbox like this. And then to have those idea come to life from someone as incredibly talented as Rod? Jeez, how lucky am I? This is how the best comics get made."

@#$%! Doctor Strange is going to turn into a Nazi on that last page, isn't he? God dammit.

What Happens In Vegas… Will Be In Doctor Strange: Damnation By Nick Spencer, Donny Cates, And Rod Reis

DONNY CATES & Nick Spencer (W) • ROD REIS (A/C)
Variant Cover by RON LIM
Variant Cover by TBA
Trading Card Variant Cover by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER

The city of sin gets its biggest sinner yet. When Doctor Strange raises Las Vegas up from its destruction during SECRET EMPIRE, he inadvertently opens a big door for the embodiment of evil, MEPHISTO! The devilish villain takes the city for himself and sets his sights on the rest of the world. It's going to take heroes from all over the Marvel Universe to defeat him, but there's nothing simple about fighting the lord of Hell.


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