Heavenly Blues #6 Review: A Wonderful End to a Wonderful Series

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The heist is on. Coin Counter and Hideki are taking care of the heavenly train. Isaiah and Erin are at the party and intending to deal with Uriel. Amunet will retrieve the Holy Grail itself and is lying low until the time is right. If they can succeed in doing this, the crew can receive a second chance at life.

Heavenly Blues #6 cover by Bruno Hidalgo
Heavenly Blues #6 cover by Bruno Hidalgo

Heavenly Blues reaches its conclusion in this comic, and it is among the most satisfying endings I've seen in a comic. Without hopefully giving too much away about the ending, there is something incredibly gratifying and even heartening about the idea of a group of people being so defiant and so stubborn that they will defy perdition and damnation and even paradise itself. Humanity is a rowdy bunch, aren't we?

The heist goes off in an Ocean's Eleven style with each member of the group hoping to rely on skill and finesse to win the day. Of course, things complicate, and they must try different tactics.

Each character has been well established by this point, and it's so easy to cheer them on. They're unique and interesting people, and they're very easy to follow and love.

The ending is great and, as I said, very satisfying.

Bruno Hidalgo succeeds in making this issue ooze with visual personality and style. The characters show a lot of emotion and character with expression and body language. The action beats are impactful and cathartic. The visual design of heaven isn't the most creative in this issue, but it does look good. The color work is warm and matches the setting quite well.

Heavenly Blues #6 is a wonderful book, and it made me happy to see this book through to its ending. Its finale is fun, cathartic, and oddly uplifting. This is a great miniseries, and I recommend both this issue and the full story.

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