Here's Those God Loves, Man Kills Variant Covers by Marcos Martin

When Marvel released their full March solicitations yesterday, we noted that all of the X-books shipping in March except the ones that are launching that month would come with variant covers celebrating God Loves, Man Kills, the classic Marvel Graphic Novel by Chris Claremont and Brent Anderson. However, the solicits did not reveal the covers, all to be drawn by Marcos Martin, themselves at that time.

Now, a press release on has unveiled all six covers, said to be a celebration of Chris Claremont's 50th anniversary with Marvel, though one might wonder if a better way to celebrate Claremont's career might be to actually give him work on something more than a one-shot or anthology. Sadly, Marvel's ageist tendencies have prevented that since 2014's Nightcrawler series, despite Marvel continuing to pay Claremont to remain exclusive to the House of Ideas.

Check out the press release and covers below.

In 1982, legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont changed the comic landscape forever with his iconic GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS story in MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #5, a special edition issue that told a heartbreaking yet illuminating story that explored the mutant metaphor in a way readers had never seen before.

As Marvel continues to honor Chris Claremont's 50 years of brilliant contributions to Marvel Comics, celebrate this landmark story with stunning variant covers by Eisner Award-winning Marcos Martín!

In GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS, the X-Men join forces with their archenemy Magneto for the first time, pitting all of mutantkind against the worst humanity has to offer. Featuring the art of industry legend Brent Anderson, the story depicted a world that was all too familiar to readers and continues to inspire X-Men stories today. Look for these covers on issues of your favorite X-Men titles this March!

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