IDW Publishing: The Revolution and Beyond

By Matt Farnham

IDW-Publishing-LogoIn a quite room that clearly wasn't designed with a wanton crowd of comic book fans wait with bated breath. This is, of course, the IDW panel with the whispers during the day being some big news on what to expect in the next 6 months.

This was an opportunity for Sarah Gaydos (Group Editor) and Chris Ryall (Editor-In-Chief) to showcase the strength that IDW has moving forward. The management team was joined by an array of talent with Bobby Curnow, Gabriel Rodriguez, Avind Ethan David, Meredith McClaren, Stephen Mooney and Marc Andreyko.

The slate is pretty full with highlights including a new Locke and Key arc, more from the Revolution series, Batman and the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and a host of new Star Trek comics to choose from.

This looks like it could be a big year for IDW so check out the list below!

Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella write with Nelson Daniel and Zach Howard returning with the continuation of the dark story of Eric who finds a cape that gives him the ability of flight. With this comes responsibility and Eric choose a different path. Cape sees the continuation of Eric's story in a 4 issue run starting spring 2017.

Wormwood Gentleman Corpse: Mr. Wormwood goes to Washington,
Ben Templesmith returns to write a 4 issue arc that looks at the current political climate through a twisted lense coming in spring 2017.

Locke & Key: Smallworld,
Joe Hill returns to the Locke family and looks back at their funny and dangerous past. The new stories look at the previous generations adventures at Key House in a one shot due out in December.

Darkness Visible,
Mike Carey and Avind Ethan David tell te story of a detective who hates the demons who openly live amongst humans. When he gets possessed by a demon he has to deal with his own self-hate and being a second class skinwalker. The aim is to have Darkness Visible run over 12 issues starting in February 2017.

Love is love,
A one off this is a compilation of stories stretching across all the major comic studios, filmmakers and writers in this 140-page homage to the victims of the Orlando shootings. A real passion project with over 250 contributors and all the proceeds going to Equality Florida Institue.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency,
With the launch of the BBC America show, next week Douglas Adams second most famous character also gets a comic companion. Written by Avind Ethan David the book sees a different but linked universe to the TV series. There is an NYCC exclusive edition available now.

Cosmic Scoundrels,
Matt Chapman and Andy Suriano bring their successful webcomic to IDW and all with a new look at print comics.

The stories continue in the Hasbro Universe where characters from G.I. Joe, Transformers, Action Man, and ROM which has been described as Marvel team up style arcs. Transformers vs G.I. Joe kicks things off in the spring andAw Yeah are also joining in on the act with their own fun look at the Hasbro universe all coming in 2017.

My Little Pony,
Issue 50 is just around the corner (January) with a story arc that sees Discord transferred into a polar opposite Accord leave others wondering if Discord really does bring balance to their world.

Batman & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
With information low on the ground about whats going to happen in this arc, although it was hinted at to expect a Batman inspired by the Animated series. This book will drop next month so let the excitement build.

Star Trek: Boldly Go,
With the #1 dropping in the next few weeks this series picks up after the end of Star Trek Beyond. This book will follow the crew as they get to grips with their new roles in Star Fleet.

Star Trek Waypoint,
Is out now and set as the anthology book in the Star Trek canon every issue will feature two stories that focus on different people in the world of Trek. The first issue promises to look at the gold key homage and a look at the only red shirt woman to die under Captain Kirks Captinage.

Star Trek & Green Lanter 2,
Following on from last years cross over this sees how the crossing of dimensions has affected Star Fleet with a series of Lanterns now part of the team.

Half Past Danger 2,
Stephen Mooney returns to IDW with his self-styled character Tommy 'Irish' Flynn. In the new series, Flynn tangles with Nazi Dinosaurs, Ninjas, and Femme Fatales. The books art is done by Nick Runge and due out if Spring 2017.

Turtles Universe,
With the introduction of a new villain, some old villains, and a Donny centric arc all before Christmas, it is all a bit lighter, but there is the promise of much tougher tie ahead for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after the new year.

Annuals offensive,
IDW hopes to bring back the relevance of Annuals with their aim to launch four annuals in January and four more in February. Unlike the more recent annuals, they aim to use these as jumping on points, starting huge new arcs and having stories that are relevant to the current series. January will see, ROM, Jem, Ghostbusters, and Micronaughts whilst February will give us My Little Pony, Transformers, M.A.S.K. and Judge Dredd.

All in all the next 6 months promise some of the good old title and some intriguing new ones.

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