Image Preps Rob Liefeld Event Comic as Youngblood Reboots Into Bloodwars

In the most Liefeldian thing Image Comics to happen at Image Comics since Liefeld and Kirkman broke up over The Infinite (we're still waiting for a revival), a Youngblood-centric event comic will be announced in the coming months. Like all great stories, it begins with a problem. Youngblood #13 and #14 have been canceled, reports Newsarama. Bummer! But it segues almost immediately into totally righteous triumph, as Sir Robert Liefeld himself has revealed that the storyline set to kick off in those issues, The Blood War, will now launch as a totally bitchin' standalone super-mega-crossover event called Bloodwars!

And oh yes, this means we'll be getting a new #1 issue. Other than that, there are few details, but we can make assumptions about the creative team from the solicits to the canceled issues, which saw Chad Bowers writing, Liefeld doing art and a cover for Youngblood #13 with a variant by Marat Mychaels, and Cory Hamscher doing art and a cover for #14 with a variant by Liefeld.

In addition to various Liefeld characters beating the crap out of each other, the original solicits promised Shaft would "come clean" about the last mission of the original Youngblood.

Look for it to be announced… er… "shortly!!"

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