Indie Comic Review- Morgan's Organs #2: A Funny and Dicey Comedy About Swallowing Pride

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In a game of dice that could end with a kick in the genitals, Morgan panics and decides to swallow the die rather than face the foot. His organs enter panic mode, not knowing what to do with the foreign object. His brain and penis lie about collaborating to cause this mess. His stomach doesn't know how to digest the plastic object. All the while, things get tenser within Morgan's body.

Morgan's Organs #2 cover by Robert Jennix and Tyler Kelting
Morgan's Organs #2 cover by Robert Jennix and Tyler Kelting

Morgan's Organs #2 hits a rhythm that the first issue only brushed up against. With this issue, each character has its place, and the situation is so ludicrous that it really lines up with the surreal premise of the comic. Morgan ate a die. His organs must clean up the mess.

Make no mistake; the humor is still crass. However—and this just might be my sense of humor showing itself—but I found this installment to be way funnier. The stomach, also known as Meats, trying to figure out something to do with the die is hysterical. Meats is an Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy-type character, dumb, mostly well-meaning, but well-versed in the subject of food, and he knows this isn't food.

There are plenty of poop jokes to go around once the problem reaches its logical conclusion, and they're pretty solid too. Plus, there are plenty of visual gags to enjoy in the background. Those were in Morgan's Organs #1 too, but they stood out more in this issue.

Plus, this issue's minimized focus on Morgan allows more screen time for the organs to shine through. It doesn't completely solve the problem of Morgan, but it does reduce it considerably.

Morgans Organs #2 art by Robert Jennix and Tyler Kelting
Morgans Organs #2 art by Robert Jennix and Tyler Kelting

Robert Jennex's artwork brings a lot to enjoy this issue too, and the highly cartoonish style continues to be energetic and lively. He's joined by color artist Tyler Kelting, who brings an equally upbeat color palette to compliment this strange world.

Morgan's Organs #2 is a strong improvement over the opening issue, hitting a rhythm all its own with low-brow but still quite enjoyable humor to go around. This one gets another recommendation, and you can find this issue on the Morgan's Organs official website's store too.

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