Jason Aaron's Avengers Run Will Come To An End By April 2023

Last week saw the launch of Marvel's Avengers Assemble event with Avengers Assemble Alpha #1 by Bryan Hitch and Jason Aaron, which kicks off a ten-part final run from Jason Aaron on the Avengers franchise at Marvel Comics, which began in 2018 with a new Avengers #1 and Thor #1. Now Marvel Comics has revealed details of parts eight and nine out in March 2023.

Tying together plot threads from throughout Aaron's run, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE is 10-part showdown at the edge of reality between an army of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the evilest forces in the multiverse. Read on to learn what awaits in March's installments of AVENGERS ASSMBLE which will present some of the final battles in this epic war, filled with heartbreaking defeats, legendary victories, and character-defining feats beyond imagination! At Infinity's End stands Avengers Tower which has fallen under assault by the ultimate forces of evil including the Multiversal Masters of Evil and Mephisto. The Avengers that fans know and love will unite with heroes from the past, future, and far reaches of the multiverse to defend Avengers Tower and the fate of Marvel history as we know it. Can they work together? And will their power be enough to prevent the end of all that is? "It feels good. It's definitely the right time to bring this all crashing together and finish some of the character arcs that I've been building for years now. We talked about what a big, epic, war story this is. It's got a lot of different characters punching each other, and a lot of different versions of Avengers from throughout time and space. In the midst of all that though we have all the character moments, beats, and arcs that have been part of my run since issue #1. So, one of the goals is to make sure we don't lose all of that amongst all the fighting, and crazy moments. There are some huge character beats to come at the end of this, and a lot of these characters are ones I've been working on in some form or another for more than a decade now. It does feel like the right time to wrap all of that up." – Jason Aaron.

Jason Aaron's Avengers Run Will Come To An End In April 2023

AVENGERS #66 – Part 8 of "Avengers Assemble"
Written by JASON AARON
Art and Cover by JAVIER GARRÓN
On Sale 3/1
Enter the dark heart of all that is where the battle to save the entire Multiverse is raging, featuring a cast of Avengers that staggers the imagination. Surely no foe from any universe would dare stand against such a force? Mephisto dares, as the full extent of his plan finally comes into shocking focus.

Jason Aaron's Avengers Run Will Come To An End In April 2023

AVENGERS FOREVER #15 – Part 9 of "Avengers Assemble"
Written by JASON AARON
Art and Cover by AARON KUDER
On Sale 3/15
The greatest battle in the history of the Multiverse continues to defy expectations as Avengers from throughout time and space, including countless different versions of Captain America and Iron Man and the God of Thunder, unite on the battlefield. Yet somehow, it all comes down to one Starbrand and one Ghost Rider, who unfortunately are the only Avengers whose powers don't seem to be working…


Out on the 31st of March or early April 2023. As to The Avenger Prime… it's Rick Jones, isn't it? Isn't it? One version of him anyway…

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