Let's All Watch… Jonathan Ross's Documentary on Steve Ditko

Eleven years ago, Jonathan Ross wrote and presented a documentary on Steve Ditko for BBC4, exploring the man, his work and the legends that grew up around him, culminating in Jonathan Ross and Neil Gaiman popping by his offices in New York to meet the man.

The programme featured interviews with comics creators, editors and others including Jerry Robinson, John Romita Sr., Neil Gaiman, Joe Quesada, Ralph Macchio, Flo Steinberg, Alan Moore, Mark Millar, Stan Lee, and Cat Yronwode. But not Steve Ditko.

He declined to be photographed or interviewed for the show. He did, however, give them both a selection of some of his old comic books. At the end of the show, Ross said he had since spoken to Ditko at length on the phone.

With Steve's passing this week, aged 90, it seems the right moment to rewatch the hour-long look at his history, his career, his art and his reputation, In Search Of Steve Ditko.


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