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Keeping Cool Undercover – Catching Up On Lady Killer #3 And #4

IMG_9544I've been a bit behind on the two most recent issues of Lady Killer from Dark Horse Comics, written by Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, with art by Joelle Jones. Earlier today, I decided to set aside some time to catch up on what the 1950s hit-woman has been up to. When I last saw Josie, she was struggling with the balance between housewife and hit-woman. Issues #3 and #4 bring more troubles into the brave woman's life.

Since it's been a month since issue #3's release, I think it's safe for me to talk about a particular scene. If you recall, Josie has an encounter with a young child whose parents have been murdered. Josie is sent to murder that child, and he is smart and aware to that fact. I was about ready to put down the comic and never pick it up again when I first encountered that scene. However, when Josie looks in the mirror and realizes what she's doing, she makes a wise choice. Now, a hit-woman doesn't exactly get that kind of decision making power, so it makes things a bit more complicated for her. None the less, I was happy and relieved with the decision she made. It's strange because, as a reader you'd think I'd be disturbed by all of the people she murders, but I'm not. It was just the child coming into the picture that bothered me.

Issue #4 picks up at a climactic point as Josie participates in a high speed chase with her boss and ultimately gets caught. I have to say that Joelle Jones and Jamie S. Rich's script is captivating, and will leave you with an intense feeling beating throughout your chest. As a reader you know that she can't get away with this forever. Her interaction with her mother-in-law is one instance that almost blows her cover, and then of course her attempting to get rid of her bosses car that she stole. She's constantly going to encounter these obstacles to keep her identity safe, and I can't help but wonder how things will end up for her. The addition of a new character that shares the same struggles as her should make next month's issue interesting. Until then, be sure to catch up with the latest issues with me and dive into the exciting world of Lady Killer.

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