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Rafael Albuquerque, Joëlle Jones, Cliff Chiang &  Chris Burnham TMNT
That will be Joelle Jones, Rafael will have Michelangelo anfter each artist chose their favourite turtle and Rafael will then draw the second Turtles story arc. "For me working on TMNT was first a nostalgia hit, being an '80s kid I consumed it all!" Jones tells IGN "But at its heart, and why I think it[...]
From The Ashes Of ComiXology Rises DSTLRY
From Chip Mosher, David Steinberger, Will Dennis, Mirka Andolfo, Brian Azzarello, Marc Bernardin, Elsa Charretier, Becky Cloonan, Lee Garbett, Jamie McKelvie, Jock, Joëlle Jones, Tula Lotay, Junko Mizuno, Stephanie Phillips, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV & Ram V
Separated At Birth: Trial of The Amazons Vs X-Men
Last week, Bleeding Cool ran a Separated At Birth feature over similarities between the work of Joelle Jones on the upcoming Trial Of The Amazons #1 and Pepe Larraz on X-Men #1 And we included this handy animated gif to make the point. We also pointed out that swiping has a long and proud tradition in[...]
DC Comics Cancels Joelle Jones' Wonder Girl Early With #7
Here are the solicits for the now-final, the cancelled issue and for the first issue of Trial… #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ WONDER GIRL #7 CVR B JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO CARD STOCK VAR (W) Joelle Jones (A) Leila Del Duca (CA)[...]
Lots Of Money To Be Made This Weekend At Thought Bubble In Harrogate
They will be taking a deep dive into some of their recent releases as well as the usual chat about the latest movies, TV series, toys and frankly, all sorts of nonsense. Who the Hell are You? – A Batman Panel Saturday – 16:45-17:30 – Room A The Caped Crusader, The Defender of Gotham, World's Greatest Detective, The[...]
Dan DiDio
And one of them was going to be Batman and he was going to be a person of color. Joelle Jones tells a similar story to Polygon about Yana Flor, Wonder Girl, the Future State Wonder Woman, also getting her own series from March, and looking to Dan DiDio's decision. Jones became interested in the mythologies of[...]
DC Comics February 2021 Solicitations
But, as has been pointed out, the CW decision to create a TV series based on the Future State Wonder Woman from Joëlle Jones, Yara Flor, was part of the original plans for 5G that would have seen her as the new Wonder Woman going forward, and justified that other media would be excited by[...]
Sean Gordon Murphy and Blake Northcott Working on Catwoman for DC Comics
Damn your sexy black leather!! — Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) January 7, 2020 As for current Catwoman creator Joelle Jones, she has something else she's working on too…   View this post on Instagram   Research for a new project A post shared by Joelle Jones (@joelle_jones) on Jan 4, 2020 at 11:48am PST Fresh from his critically-acclaimed and bestselling Batman:[...]
Our Favorite Villains Wondercon Panel: Waid and Cates in One Room
Joining Waid on the panel were Donny Cates, Gerry Duggan, Joelle Jones, and Tim Sale. Mark Waid not realizing how close Bleeding Cool is Waid came out a little before the panel started and asked if anyone had any questions He only had to ask me once to throw a question his way I asked what he[...]
Catwoman #2 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred
Later, Selina continues to have trouble sleeping and decides to bulk up on her arsenal. Catwoman #2 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred Catwoman #2 opens with a gorgeously-crafted fight scene between Selina and those false Catwomen Joelle Jones makes Selina's fighting look elegant and graceful in a way few artists could accomplish. After that, the book[...]
Catwoman #1 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred
As such, the police are after Selina Kyle, and she must escape capture and discover who is ruining her day. Catwoman #1 cover by Joelle Jones and Laura Allred Despite my problems with Batman #50, I was still looking forward to reading Joelle Jones' take on Catwoman I'm glad to say that this first installment is a[...]
Joelle Jones Redesigns Catwoman for August's Catwoman #2
Joelle Jones designed the new look, which DC's press release describes: Selina's sticking with the black, but gone are the goggles in favor of a cowl, along with some much sleeker, more stylish gloves and boots The new costume also seems to have some reinforcement in the middle and some openings under her shoulders, which add[...]
catwoman joelle jones c2e2 2018 batman panel
Bleeding Cool ace reporter Robert Goode is on the scene at the DC Batman panel at C2E2, and he writes in with a full panel report… The DC Batman Panel at C2E2 started with introductions by Batman Group: Tom King, Joelle Jones, Tony Daniel, Clay Mann, Sean Gordon Murphy, and Tim Seeley[...]
catwoman joelle jones c2e2 2018 batman panel
Coming out of the C2E2 Batman panel, Joëlle Jones is writing and drawing a Catwoman ongoing comic book that spun out from some work that Jones created during the Writers Workshop. Someone is out there committing crimes and impersonating her, and she needs to stop them to save her reputation — especially from Batman… Comes out on the[...]
Batman #44 cover by Mikel Janin
I hope it doesn't happen though. Batman #44 art by Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire Joelle Jones and Mikel Janin split this comic, with Jones handling the scenes in the present and Janin taking the flashbacks Their styles meld well, and each artist is a tested talent Both halves look quite gorgeous, and June Chung and Jordie[...]
Batman #40 cover by Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire
The Gentle Man only has one more request: he wants to see his wife (she lives in Gotham, apparently). Batman #40 cover by Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire Batman #40 turns out to be just more of Batman #39 That's not really a bad thing Bruce and Diana play off each other very well under Tom King[...]
Batman #39 cover by Mikel Janin
Justice League." Batman #39 art by Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire Joelle Jones's artwork bears the weight of this story well Both Bruce and Diana look as cool as ever, and there are a couple of really stunning panels of the two As much as Diana and Selena make fun of it, the Bat-Knight armor looks great[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Batman #33 by Tom King, Joelle Jones and Jordie Bellaire marks the first issue in a new arc after the game-changing proposal, or rather it's answer, from the last issue. Batman and Catwoman are engaged For some reason, this engagement has led them to a desert country that is so marred by war and criminality,[...]
dick grayson
We can't guarantee 100% accuracy- in fact, our accuracy may be much lower than that – but we can guarantee that it's better than looking at a bunch of unfinished pages. In this episode of Improbable Previews, we get a sneak peek at Batman #33 by Tom King and Joelle Jones Will this issue feature a shocking revelation about[...]