Late: Secret Wars, Star Wars And Icon

STK683198An irregular look at how certain titles are slipping down the schedules…

Secret Wars #7 has slipped again, now from 2nd September (whch is when #6 is now coming out) to the 23rd September. And it is taking a number of other Secret Wars titles with it. #8 is still scheduled for the 7th October.

A-Force #4 has slipped from 19th August to 9th September, and #5 has slipped from 23rd Sepember to 14th October.

Thors #3 and Star-Lord And Kitty Pryde #3 have slipped from 16th August to 2nd September

1872 #3 and Hail Hydra #3 have slipped 26th August to 16th September

Infinity Gauntlet #4 has slipped from 26th August to 9th September.

Spider-Island #3 has slipped from 12th August to 2nd September.

Siege #3 has slipped from 19th August to 9th September

The Last Days of Silver Surfer #14 has slipped from 5th August to 2nd September, while #15 has slipped from 12th August to 7th October. The Last Days of Ms Marvel #18 has moved from 19th Augist to 9th September

Secret Wars Journal #4 has slipped from the 5th to the 19th August. And #5 has oved from 9th September to 16h September.

Age of Apocalypse #4 has slipped from the 2nd to 16th September, as has House of M #3 and Spider-Verse #4.

Giant Size Little Marvel AVX #4 and Civil War #4 have slipped from 2nd to 9th September

Runaways #4 and Years of Future Past #5 have slipped from 16th to 23rd September.

E is for Extinction #4 has slipped from 16th to 30th September.

Inferno #5 and M.O.D.O.K.: Assassin #5 have slipped from 23rd to 30th September.

And the Bendis books from Marvel Icon are a law unto themselves. Powers #4 has moved from March to the 29th July. with #5 slipping to 2nd September and #6 to the 30th September. United States Of Murder Inc Annual #1 from June to 9th September.  Brilliant #6 has moved from May 2012 to 9th September 2015, with #7 scheuled for 14th October. Scarlet #8 has moved from April 2013 to 26th August 2015  with #9 for November. But by now they are just making up numbers.

The Star Wars books are also bouncing around space and time. Star Wars #8 has moved from July to 19th August,  #9 has moved to 9th September and #10 to 7th October.

Darth Vader #9 from 19th August to 9th September and #10 from 19th August to 7th October and #11 from 9th September to 21st October.

But don't worry, its not all Marvel. Justice League of America #3 has slipped three weeks to the 26th August. And Suiciders #6 slipped from 22nd July to 26th August….

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