Lying In The Gutters – 26th February 2017 – Holding The Market Back At $2.99?


In the week in which Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton split up over a woman, what have you been reading?

Top Ten Traffic Of The Week

  1. Doctor Who Shocker: Chris Chibnall Will Cast Next Doctor In "Traditional" Way
  2. Marvel Comics Blame Retailer Woes On Returnable $2.99 DC Comics – Do They Have A Point?
  3. [SPOILER] Appears Listed In The Credits For 'Kong: Skull Island'
  4. Watchmen, The Justice Society, Flash And Batman – It's All Happening!
  5. Mindless Speculation Over Logan's Added Post-Credit Scene Necessitates Spoiling The End Of Logan
  6. Bringing Back The Fantastic Four In Infamous Iron Man? Really? (SPOILERS)
  7. Jimmy Broxton Makes "Absolutely No Apology Whatsoever" For Offending Vampirella Cover
  8. Futurama Is Back, And This Time (Hopefully) No One Can Cancel It Because It's A Video Game
  9. Report: Fox's X-Men Cinematic Universe Quickly Burning Through Viable Properties
  10. Watch The Rick And Morty Season 3 Opening Scene, With More Jump Cuts Than You Can Shake A Stick At
  11. Improbable Previews: The Osborn Mistaken Identity Begins In Amazing Spider-Man #25
  12. DC Comics' Batman Event "Metal" To Be Delayed
  13. Was The Rocket Raccoon Cancellation-And-Relaunch A Trademark Shot Against DC Comics?
  14. 88 Photos And Videos From New York Toy Fair 2017 Day One
  15. The Game Grumps & Wendy's Finally Consummate Their Twitter Love
  16. Another Attempt To Explain Why Cyclops Is So Hated In The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS)
  17. The Vampirella Cover That Offended – And The Trans Charity Donations Being Made As A Result
  18. Warning! Amazing Spider-Man #24… Doesn't Have Much Amazing Spider-Man In It (SPOILERS)
  19. Frankensteining Marvel Comics Solicits For May 2017 – Secret Empire, Warriors, Guardians, Zombies, Black Bolt And Star Wars
  20. The Return Of Hulk /Wolverine For "Make Mine Marvel", Teased by Axel Alonso

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Could Saga #43 Get Close To Outselling Walking Dead's Three Quarters Of A Million Copies?
  2. Beat DC Sales Wise Instore Again" – Rodman Comics On The Marvel ComicsPRO Controversy
  3. Tom King, James Tynion, Tim Seeley And Scott Lobdell Rank Off The Batfamily
  4. Vampirella Fallout: Paul Cornell States He Will Never Work With Jimmy Broxton Again
  5. Justice League Breakdowns Vol 1 By Gerard Jones Confirmed As Cancelled From DC
  6. Punisher Creator Gerry Conway Responds To Police Decal Controversy
  7. In Ploy To Solve Comics' Late Shipping Problem, Nick Spencer Urges Twitter Mass Exodus
  8. Licensed Walking Dead T-Shirts Pulled From Shelves For Racist Connotations
  9. There's A Print On Sale From Amazing Spider-Man #700 Cover Artist Mr. Garcin, But He Didn't Authorize It
  10. Comic Retailer Writes An Article Asking Comic Retailers To Stop Writing Articles



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