"Make Mine Marvel" Will Relaunch Titles, Not With #1, But With Legacy Numbers


It was an educated guess. And it appears to have paid out.

I am told, spinning out of ECCC, that as part of Marvel's upcoming "Make Mine Marvel" relaunch in the autumn that, rather than relaunching with a load of new issue 1s, instead, we will get a load of new… legacy numbers.

All the old-school legacy characters will return with issue numbers that will add up all the issues published of that character's central series so far, including all the relaunches.

Of late, Marvel has normally done this just for promotional effect. They like to relaunch titles with a #1 fairly regularly to benefit from #1 sales bumps. This move may indicate a change in direction for the way future.

This includes a Bruce Banner-starring Incredible Hulk and a non-Hydra Captain America.

The first will be Venom which will keep going after its promotional #150 in May with #151 in June.

And Thor? Thor is due to be #700 in the autumn. I think.

If anyone wants to work out what issue number all of these books should be…. well, you'll do a better job than Marvel usually do when they try.

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