Marvel Has An Official Twitter Blue Tick, DC Comics Does Not

I have a blue check on Twitter, as a Media Personality. I know, get me. But I am the world's longest-serving online news reporter, reporting on the comics industry online, before we even had websites, since 1992. This is my thirtieth year. Harry Knowles came after me. Never mind the quality, feel the longevity. So yes. However, I don't yet have an "Official" tag to that blue tick, which was originally the point. Some "blue tick" reporters do, some do not, and there seems to be little rhyme nor reason. The "Official" additional note is meant to be the identity confirmation aspect that some folk, at risk of impersonation, rely upon. But this is also scope for a new Official or Non-Official war. For example, Marvel Comics has got an Official tag for its Twitter account. But DC Comics has not. Why? We clearly need to investigate.

Marvel Has An Official Twitter Blue Tick, DC Comics Does Not
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While the film and TV sides, Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. also reflect this dichotomy over who is or who isn't official.

Marvel Has An Official Twitter Blue Tick, DC Comics Does Not

Elon Musk's ties with either company are nebulous. But aspects of Elon Musk were used in the adaptation of Iron Man into the movies, and part of the Iron Man 2 movie was filmed at the Space X rocket laboratories, with Musk making a cameo, and you'll find imagery of Iron Man there as a result. He has also told bad Batman jokes before. But he constantly gets compared to comic book supervillains, from Lex Luthor to Thanos. And he can't share a political cartoon without someone trying to sell it as an NFT. But he does like comic books. He has linked to XKCD comics about climate change, as well as putting out his own Tesla comic book before now. And he told Bloomberg that as a kid in Pretoria, "I read all the comics I could buy or that they let me read in the bookstore before chasing me away" and that his favourites were Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Doctor Strange and Iron Man. Which is rather balanced as far as superheroes go, between Marvel and DC. So how come Marvel is official, but DC Comics is not? Maybe he just really, really liked She-Hulk. And didn't like Black Adam.

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