Marvel Reveals Details on Esad Ribic's Conan Year One Comic for August

Folks, Marvel Comics has heard your complaints. There simply aren't enough Conan the Barbarian series being produced following Marvel's acquisition of the license. Well, fear not. Adding to Conan the Barbarian, Savage Sword of Conan, Savage Avengers, and Age of Conan, Marvel will publish a one-shot starring the titular barbarian. Called Conan the Barbarian: Exodus, the series will be written and illustrated by superstar artist Esad Ribic and will tell the story of Conan's first journey from Cimmeria, making it essentially a Conan Year One story.

Bleeding Cool told you about this news over the weekend when reporting on the Diamond Retailer Summit, but that didn't stop CBR from publishing the story several days later as an "EX-X-XCLUSIVE." They do have the solicit though, so there's that. Check that out below, and look Conan The Barbarian: Exodus in stores in August.

written and illustrated by Esad Ribic
cover by Esad Ribic
Long have the stories told of CONAN, who came from the frozen hills of his homeland, Cimmeria, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth in the Hyborian Age – but now you will witness the epic tale of the young barbarian's first journey from home from visionary creator Esad Ribic!
Fifteen winters in Cimmeria have toughened the young Conan, but his greatest challenge lies ahead. Braving the elements, without food, without shelter, without weapons, Conan must learn to survive even as nature itself conspires to stop him. The snow freezes his bones. The wolves smell his blood. But if he can reach civilization, will his wounds heal…or will his troubles just begin?
With a majestic scope underscored by the completely visual narrative, don't miss this truly special moment in Conan's story and an unprecedented issue in Marvel Comics publication history!

Esad Ribic to Write and Draw His Own New Conan Series

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