Mindless Speculation – Marvel, Mephisto, Avengers & Vampires

Welcome to a little Mindless Speculation. Tying in a few threads all over the Marvel Universe. To whit, the following things we've noted.

  1. The Avengers comic has shown us that Mephisto, born when the first Celestial came to Earth four billion years ago, was responsible for the forming of each Avengers team across time. Persuading Thanos to visit Earth a million years ago. Enraging the Hulk.
  2. In recent years, Mephisto brought Agent Phil Coulson back to the land of the living, from Hell. Coulson has set up the Squadron Supreme Of America, a national superhero team, in opposition to the international Avengers.
  3. In King In Black: Ghost Rider, Mephisto has returned to the position of Lord Of Hell, pushing Lilith off the throne.
  4. At the end of King In Black #5, Dracula and the Marvel Vampires are massing as a nation, in the radiated lands of Chernobyl.
  5. Heroes Reborn will see the universe recreated in Mephisto's image. With Agent Phil Coulson as President of the United States. The Squadron Supreme replacing the Avengers. No sign of vampires and Blade the only vampire on Earth.
  6. In the Greenberg The Vampire graphic novel from Marvel, decades ago, Lilith was created as the wife of Adam on a recreated parallel Earth, who left Adam for the Devil
  7. This was revealed last year, in Spirits of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons, to be Mephisto. She bore him children until Mephisto cast her out of Hell. She became the Mother of all Vampires, though is not one herself.
Mindless Speculation - Marvel, Mephisto, Avengers & Vampires
Mindless Speculation – Marvel, Mephisto, Avengers & Vampires

So here's the thing – is Heroes Reborn just one big plot by Mephisto against Lilith? Depriving her of her children? Is this just the biggest, baddest demon of the Marvel Universe getting revenge on his ex? I suppose if anyone is going to be a toxic male, it would probably be Mephisto. Maybe we'll learn more in tomorrow's Avengers #45. Or in Heroes Reborn #1. Or not.

You know, if they wanted a Counter-Earth for their Heroes Reborn, maybe they could use the one Lilith was born on? Just some mindless speculation.



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