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There's just something about the character of Mephisto that fans of the MCU just can't let go of (with Sacha Baron Cohen's name attached) Rumblings are out there that the demonic character will be appearing in the Kathryn Hahn-starring Agatha: Darkhold Diaries and the Dominique Thorne-starring Ironheart (connected to Anthony Ramos' The Hood) But those[...]
One More Day One More Time In Sinister War #1 (Spoi
There have also been moments of narration from the likes of Squirrel Girl and Slapstick, while Rick Jones gained the power of Comic Awareness. But I am told that in upcoming Marvel Comics, Jason Aaron will see big bad demon Mephisto also break the fourth wall, as part of the current Avengers Assemble crossover storyline in[...]
Marvel Legends Mephisto Revealed as Ghost Rider HasLab Tier 1 Unlock
Slowly but surely, this Ghost Rider campaign is getting funded and the numbers have just jumped after the reveal that Mephisto himself is here That is right, Marvel Comics devil himself is arriving for the campaign with an incredible sculpt and sinister detail! It is unclear if he will be loose or get his own[...]
The Latest One More Day In Amazing Spider-Man #900
How was that for a neat segue? One of the more controversial Spider-Man comics, dubbed One More Day, it saw Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson do a deal with the devil Mephisto for the life of Peter's Aunt May, in return for the existence of their own marriage It also saw Peter Parker regain his secret[...]
Welcome Sgt Szardos, Soldier Supreme & The Secret Invaders (Spoilers)
Today's Avengers see them travelling through time to stop Mephisto from altering it (again) Which also lets us meet other Avengery-type fellows from history, including other iterations of familiar Avengers heroes on a repeat cycle Today that means Sgt Szardos, Soldier Supreme and his Secret Invaders, as previously teased in Avengers #50. Presumably related to Margali[...]
It's All About Mephisto In Avengers #55
Jason Aaron has established Mephisto as the Big Bad of the Avengers for all time Whether with the Avengers 1,000,000 BC behind Young Thanos arriving on Earth, to the formation of the Avengers fighting the Hulk, to the far flung future of King Thor and the Old Man Logan Phoenix Recently that has seen him[...]
Mephisto's Plans Unfold In Avengers #50
It must be hard being a Marvel Cinematic Universe watcher, you wait ages for Mephisto to appear and then time after time after time, there's no sign of the fellow Not in Shang-Chi, not in Wandavision, not in Loki and it's not looking good for No Way Home either But in the Marvel Comics series,[...]
And as expected, the topic turned to whether or not Mephisto would be making an appearance (a demonic presence that fans were hoping to see in WandaVision) "I keep hearing that I have no idea! That was like a big thing during 'WandaVision' but I have no idea Who knows? Probably anything is probably possible,[...]
Truth About Kindred, Harry Osborn & Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man #73
And none of this was supernatural or demonic. Amazing Spider-Man #74 Expect that is all was, courtesy of Mephisto, who made a deal with Norman Osborn for the soul of his son, Harry Osborn Who has actually been in hell all this time., while Mephisto has been influencing the artificial version And a clone is running around[...]
the last of us
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Daily LITG, 27th of September 2021 LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday The Last of Us: HBO Releases Image of Pascal's Joel & Ramsey's Ellie Mephisto's Spider-Man One More Day Plan Finally Revealed (Spoilers) Family Guy: Mike Henry Wishes "Cleveland Brown" Arif Zahir Best Wishes Marvel Cancels Non-Stop Spider-Man, Replaces With Savage[...]
Mephisto's Plan For Spider-Man Finally Revealed This Week (Spoilers)
Mephisto time! Okay, so there are going to be tonnes of spoilers out of this week's Amazing Spider-Man #74, as Nick Spencer's run on the series comes to an end Revelations are made, people die, others live and revelations are… revealed So here's just one tiny spoiler for now that tackles the role of Mephisto[...]
Kindred's Own Sins Past In Amazing Spider-Man #73 (Spoilers)
Everything you knew was a lie! Everything you knew was wrong! Twists, turns, deep dives into Spider-Man history that necessitated a return to Marvel Unlimited! Welcome to Amazing Spider-Man #73! Amazing Spider-Man #73 Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer has been setting up Kindred as an ultimate foe for Spider-Man, the Harry Osborne who went to hell, and[...]
The Beatdown Has Tragic Consequences In Siniste
And as for Mephisto, who's running this whole game in the first place… ….he has much, much bigger plans to come Will that include resurrecting Boomerang? After all, he always comes back… that's kind of his whole thing Sinister War #4 by Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley is published by Marvel Comics today. SINISTER WAR #4 (OF[...]
Mephisto Fans: Grab His First Appearance On Auction Today
Mephisto has been rumored to make an appearance in every Marvel Disney+ show and film for some time now, and eventually, someone is going to be right The next chance will be with all of the shenanigans going on in the next Spider-Man film, but we will not know until December Until then, now would[...]
Batman Superman
Bleeding Cool has doubled down on the theory that Kindred is the original Harry Osborne, the one who died before Mephisto changed everything in One More Day, which brought Harry Osborne back to life, as if he'd never been away And that it was the original Harry who went to Hell and, somehow, courtesy of[...]
Kindred In Amazing Spider-Man
That Mephisto created a replacement Harry Osborn in Marvel continuity as the history of One More Day was rewritten and Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane Watson removed And that Mephisto is behind all of this, as well as Kindred bringing back Mysterio and getting Kindred involved in Peter Parker's life in every level And Kindred[...]
FCBD Avengrs Spoilers
And the big reveal and tease going forward for the Avengers confirms that, as we meet the young Thanos that Mephisto influenced to attack Earth and form that very first Avengers team Alongside the Black Skull mashup of Red Skull and Venom from the Heroes Reborn universe created in homage to Mephisto And other variants[...]
ASM 71
And after a jaunt in the Ultimate Universe, he returned to the 616 when reality was stitched back together again after Secret Wars. Amazing Spider-Man #71 In recent issues however it was revealed that he was taken out of hell by Kindred, a hellform of Harry Osborne, possibly at the hands of Mephisto Today's Amazing Spider-Man #71[...]
One More Day One More Time In Sinister War #1 (Spoi
One of the more controversial Spider-Man comics, dubbed One More Day, it saw Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson do a deal with the devil Mephisto for the life of Peter's Aunt May, in return for the existence of their own marriage It also saw Peter Parker regain his secret identity, return his physical rather than[...]
Don't Worry WandaVision Fans, Mephisto Is Still Marvel's Big Bad
Loki Head Writer Michael Waldron (Heels, Loki) has a Mephisto issue Whether it is being berated by online reporters, or figuring out how he can use the character, the Marvel villain seems to be on his mind It was only a few months ago when the interwebs were lit up with rumors and speculations that[...]
More Mephisto Than Ever As Heroes Return From Heroes Reborn (Spoiler)
Mephisto one more time! Remember our post on last week's final issue of Heroes Reborn, Heroes Reborn #7, preceding today's pone-shot finale Heroes Return #1? It included this scene with the Mephisto dog talking to President Phil Coulson. Heroes Reborn #7 We asked "A council? A council of hell? A council of Mephisto? He is large, he[...]
Sorry WandaVision, It's All About Mephisto In Heroes Reborn (Spoilers)
And some rather unusual church idolatry going on. Heroes Reborn #4 Mephisto, the devil of the Marvel Universe, who has had his talons in so many pies of late And then there is the new Loki TV show, the first episode of which dropped today and saw the Time Variance Authority taking a trip to a church[...]
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and the big mainstream religion of America? As we learned last week, it's all about Mephisto… Is this the big message of Heroes Reborn? That the Marvel Universe remade to look like the DC Universe will only ever be the work of the devil? All three titles, Heroes Reborn #5, Heroes Reborn: American Knights #1 and Heroes[...]
Sorry WandaVision, It's All About Mephisto In Heroes Reborn (Spoilers)
I know, I know, Bleeding Cool has been running theories over Mephisto's involvement in the current Heroes Reborn event That the rules of Hades (recently restored) has been running a long game with the Avengers, creating them over the millennia, recently behind the return of Agent Coulson and the establishment of the Squadron Supreme Of[...]
Mephisto Is The Big Bad Of Heroes Reborn - Unless He's The Big Good?
Mephisto may not have been present in the first issue of Heroes Reborn, the comic book series that has created a new reality, a world without Avengers, a world with the Squadron Supreme taking their place, and all of the Marvel heroes; reality rewritten as a result But Mephisto did make an appearance on the[...]
Marvel Comics
I ran some Mindless Speculation last night regarding Marvel's Avengers titles, the upcoming Heroes Reborn event and Mephisto's role – and how vampires were playing their role And today's Avengers #45 is very vampire-heavy, as the Marvel Universe starts to shift again Dracula and the vampire nation are claiming Chernobyl as their own nation, and[...]
Mindless Speculation - Marvel, Mephisto, Avengers & Vampires
To whit, the following things we've noted. The Avengers comic has shown us that Mephisto, born when the first Celestial came to Earth four billion years ago, was responsible for the forming of each Avengers team across time Persuading Thanos to visit Earth a million years ago Enraging the Hulk. In recent years, Mephisto brought Agent Phil[...]
Marvel Comics
And some tiles can't wait and have moved on. Queen Cat summarised what went down in Black Cat #5 as the time when "the sky turned black, and the world fell apart." Still ongoing for other titles… King In Black: Ghost Rider sees Johnny Blaze trying to keep things together with Mephisto, Hell, Lilith, and all the[...]
Marvel Comics
Hey, Marvel Comics fans, if WandaVision let you down regarding the portrayal of Agatha Harkness and a complete non-existence of Mephisto, then todays' Marvel Comics have your back In Captain America #28, as Steve Rogers finds a mystical element to a very topical problem of hatred, he has someone in his wheelhouse to bring onto[...]
A Big Change Happening To Mephisto In KingIn Black: Ghost Rider
It's not just the WandaVision conspiracy theorists who have been talking a lot about Mephisto's role in the Marvel Universe The comic book side has as well – and they actually have multiple and repeated Mephisto appearances to back this up The Satan of the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is the principal figure behind the actions[...]