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Cover image for DC vs. Vampires: Hunters #1
Vampires: Hunters #1 And yes, it's vampire murder Will Damian quench his thirst for stabby vengeance? We'll find out on Tuesday, but first, DC must suck the cash from your wallet! Check out the preview below. DC VS VAMPIRES: HUNTERS #1 DC Comics 0322DC056 0322DC057 – DC vs Vampires: Hunters #1 Mico Suayan Cover – $4.99 (W) Matthew Rosenberg (A)[...]
Cover image for DC vs. Vampires #5
The world may be overrun by vampires, but Batman still had time to store kryptonite in his teeth, just in case, in this preview of DC vs Vampires #5 Well, any chance to upstage Superman, of course Batman is gonna take it It's not Superman featured in more than 50% of the books DC puts[...]
Impact Winter: Audible Post-Apocalyptic Vampire Audio Drama
They've combined the craziness of a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, winter weather, and vampires to conjure up a memorable listening experience. Source: Audible Now here's a look back at the teaser as well as the official overview for Impact Winter: More than a decade after a comet strike has inflicted an "impact winter" and blacked out the sun, vampires have[...]
Cover image for DC VS VAMPIRES #4 (OF 12) CVR A OTTO SCHMIDT
Vampires #4, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics Check out the preview below. DC VS VAMPIRES #4 (OF 12) DC Comics 1121DC051 1121DC052 – DC VS VAMPIRES #4 (OF 12) CVR B FRANCESCO MATTINA CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) James Tynion IV (A) Matthew Rosenberg (CA) Otto Schmidt Batman has confirmed who in the Justice League has been turned into[...]
Red Snow is a Rare and Rarely Observant Vampire Christmas Movie
The conversations are well-created (it's hilarious to hear a vampire offer to punch up a manuscript), and occasional bursts of insane violence offset it as more vampires and hunters descend. Lynch chatted about the script, adding humor to horror and the fun of bringing the life of a frustrated writer into a horror movie. Listen here: Listen on[...]
Cover image for DC VS VAMPIRES #3 (OF 12) CVR A OTTO SCHMIDT
In this preview of DC vs Vampires #3, Vampires are terrorizing the DC Universe, but Batgirl and Nightwing apear to be turned on by it Check out the preview below. DC VS VAMPIRES #3 (OF 12) DC Comics 1021DC084 1021DC085 – DC VS VAMPIRES #3 (OF 12) CVR B FRANCESCO MATTINA CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) James Tynion IV,[...]
Cover image for DC VS VAMPIRES #2 (OF 12) CVR A OTTO SCHMIDT
Of course, previews wouldn't be complete (according to the Bleeding Cool handbook) without SEO-rich keyword text in the opening paragraph and a clickbait headline, so that's what you're gonna get, baby! Matthew Rosenberg's take on the Twilight Saga continues with DC vs Vampires #12, in stores on Tuesday from DC Comics Read a preview here. DC[...]
Vampires in Media Panel asks Why Does the Vampire Keep Returning?
Everyone came from a slightly different perspective, with Farnsworth writing best-selling, politically-infused vampire-hero Blood Oath novels, Hieber keeping close to her Victorian literary roots in Spectral City, Rutledge focusing on potboiler adventures with his Doctor-Strange-like Carter Decamp novels, and Jim Towns going gory and dark with his Bloodsucker City. The event was hosted by Castle Bridge[...]
Firebite: A First Look At Images Of AMC+ Vampire Hunter Series
An AMC Studios original production with See-Saw Films, Firebite takes a new spin on the vampire genre, following two Indigenous Australian hunters, Tyson (Collins) and Shanika (Barnes-Cowan), on their quest to battle the last colony of vampires in the middle of the South Australian desert. Source: AMC+ Created, directed, and written by Australia's most celebrated Indigenous auteur[...]
what we do in the shadows
Add into the mix Colin's 100th birthday, werewolf kickball, wellness cults, and Nandor fangs-deep in some kind of "external life crisis" that includes a VR trip out into the sun (as we saw in the previous teaser) and it's understandable why folks are counting down until their Staten Island vampires (and their vampire hunter) return[...]
What We Do in the Shadows
This season, the vampires are elevated to a new level of power and will encounter the vampire from which all vampires have descended, a tempting Siren, gargoyles, werewolf kickball, Atlantic City casinos, wellness cults, ex-girlfriends, gyms and supernatural curiosities galore Plus, Colin Robinson is turning 100 And Nandor, faced with his own eternal-life crisis, tries[...]
What We Do in the Shadows Season 3 Highlighted in FX Networks Trailer
But on Thursday, things elevated quite a bit when FX Networks released a comprehensive teaser trailer for the new and returning shows- and guess which group of Staten Island vampires were included? Yup, and we've got some choice screencaps for you to check out before you get to the clip: Image: Screencap Image: Screencap Image: Screencap Image: Screencap Image: Screencap Now's[...]