Mister Miracle #2 Review: More Straightforward, Still Enthralling

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After the frankly superb Mister Miracle #1, Mister Miracle #2 by Tom King and Mitch Gerads from DC Comics has a lot to live up to. And while it doesn't play with the form as much, or make as deeply cutting observations into complex human issues through the medium of brightly coloured superhero adventure, Mister Miracle #2 is still a very good issue in this new series.

Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle #2 variant cover by Mitch Gerads

Following the titular hero and his wife Big Barda as they join the war with Apokolips on New Genesis, this issue features a much more straightforward plot. It doesn't focus as heavily on the reliability of Scott Free's understanding and observation of his world around him, nor does it play around with time so much. Instead, we get a more simple A to B plot, that even then holds some interesting twists.

Clearly there is more to the situation going on than we or the characters fully understand yet, and this is partly played with through characters we know taking unexpected roles and characteristics.

There is still some sense of Scott Free's mental health playing an important role in the story too, and I'm glad to see it. The way the first issue handled it was beautiful, so it would have been a shame to lose it this early on.

Artistically, the pages from Gerads look stunning. Wonderfully striking, with colours that really pop. Gerads has a wonderful way of showing the 'acting' in a page, and it conveys the emotions of the story beautifully.

Mister Miracle #2 may not be as mind-blowingly amazing as the premiere issue in the series, but it's still a fantastic issue telling an interesting story, and that simply looks beautiful. And as I say, there is still clearly a lot more to the story than I think any of us can guess just yet.

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