Modern Fantasy #2 [Late] Review: Bailing Out Your Goblin Friends

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Sage explains the history of the amulet Fentax stole as well as its power and the potential danger if it gets in the wrong hands. Then she, Darquin, Wizard Lizard, and Gondra set out to save Fentax from Fawn and his criminal organization. The target location is a power plant, and they arrive at night. They sneak in, but Fawn has guards all over the facility. Can they save Fentax without getting killed themselves?

Modern Fantasy #2 cover by Kristen Gudsnuk
Modern Fantasy #2 cover by Kristen Gudsnuk

Modern Fantasy #2 centers around the heist/rescue mission to save Fentax from Fawn. It's a fun adventure full of humor and lovable characters. There isn't a weak cast member among the bunch; Sage, Gondra, Wizard Lizard, Darquin, Fentax, and the people they interact have good lines and unique personalities.

The subtext of wanting to do something big and meaningful while being trapped in a restrictive socioeconomic system which tries to trap people in specific roles also speaks to me avocado-filled millennial heart.

The characters and humor really are what make this gel though. The fantasy references and subtext are important, but the amount of charisma and engagement presented by the cast is what makes Modern Fantasy an absolutely delightful read.

Modern Fantasy #2 art by Kristen Gudsnuk
Modern Fantasy #2 art by Kristen Gudsnuk

Kristen Gudsnuk's loose and relaxed style allows the book to gel as well as it does. The highly cartoonish and expressive appearance of our heroes and villains imbues endless amount of personality into the book. The framing is often very effective, and the visual designs are creative and adorable. The colors are bright and contrasting and give additional life to the comic.

Modern Fantasy #2 is a compelling and adorable adventure book that finds our cast of beloved heroes on a mission to save their friend from a mobster. There is plenty of humor and excitement to go around, and the book earns a recommendation with ease. Check it out.

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