Monstro Mechanica #4 Review: A Mediocre Entry in the Historical Fiction/Sci-Fi Series

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The battle in Volterra is over, but the Monstro Mechanica is still running rampant through the city. Leonardo da Vinci and Isabella have a plan to shut it down, but will it work?

Elsewhere, Signore Riario, after being extracted from Volterra by Isabella and Leonardo, meets up with an associate in Florence.

Later, Leonardo and Isabella meet up with Medici.

Monstro Mechanica #4 cover by Chris Evenhuis
Monstro Mechanica #4 cover by Chris Evenhuis

Monstro Mechanica #4 doesn't have a lot going on in its plot. It serves as something of a "clean-up" issue after the chaos in Volterra, but it doesn't have much to offer in either character development or compelling filler.

That's not to say the comic is awful. It does provide a little development regarding how Leonardo and Isabella's perceptions of the automaton are changing. The standoff between Medici and da Vinci is good, especially when da Vinci inevitably goes off the rails.

There is some decent action, with the automaton wreaking havoc across Volterra while Medici's men try to round it up.

In all fairness, the story to this issue isn't bad; it's just middling. It's fun at best, a little mediocre at worst.

Chris Evenhuis's artwork continues to hold up for the most part. While cartoonish-with-a-touch-of-realism style still looks quite good for most of the issue, there are many scenes that look simplistic, and there are many backgrounds that look noticeably bare. Unfortunately, Sjan Weijer's bright colorwork, while it generally looks good, does serve to highlight how bare some of the scenery is. When the comic looks good, it looks really good. When it wavers, it looks quite bare.

Monstro Mechanica #4 is a mediocre chapter of an otherwise solid sci-fi/historical fiction series. While it's not bad, it makes a few too many missteps to be considered genuinely good either. I can't say stay away, but it's not a must-buy. If you're deeply invested in the series, feel free to pick it up. Otherwise, wait for next issue to give it a try.

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