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NFTWatch: Neal Adams, Dorkland, Soonay and The Emergents

NFTWatch: Welcome to a semi-regular runaround of NFT news as it pertains to the comic book marketplace. Slammed by some for being environmentally damaging Ponzi schemes for money launderers and illogical overspending for nothing more than unreliable links, more comic book artists are looking at non-fungible tokens as a way to survive current financial concerns and replace the original art market as more turn to digital comics creation. While comic book publishers are sending out legal letters and we may be getting the seventies fight over original art all over again. Turns out that Neal Adams is already on the case. Welcome to Bleeding Cool's NFTWatch. You can subscribe to NFTWatch by e-mail by clicking here.

NFTWatch: From Jae Lee's Seven Sons To Rob Liefeld's Deadpool
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NFTWatch: Neal Adams is creating a Hash Rush comic, based on Vorto Gaming;'s game of the same name, with digital assets to be auctioned off as NFTs through their blockchain gaming platform, Vorto Network. Set in the Hermeian galaxy, the comic will feature new and existing Hash Rush characters, with a storyline plotted by Adams, and drawn by his former student, Mikael Bergkvist. Those who want to read the comic will be required to sign up for the Hash Rush play test phase – that is now accepting registrants – where the comic book will be available to purchase through a limited number of NFTs. Kris Vaivods, CEO of Vorto Gaming said: "Throughout the 60's and 70's, Neal helped revolutionise the comic book industry in the same way we are looking to innovate the gaming industry. This partnership is a signal of our intent as a gaming organisation to make amazing content, assets, and NFTs available for the wider gaming community – a key objective of Vorto Gaming and our mission to create a more democratic culture and environment for gamers all over the world. Neal is a true trailblazer and to partner with someone of his experience and reputation is an inspiration." Adams added "gaming is without doubt the most innovative entertainment industry of the past decade and is shaping so many different aspects of our culture. We're moving into a period in history where we are spending as much time exploring digital, imaginary worlds as we are living in this one. Comic books were always a transportation tool – taking us to another place, to experience another story, even just for a moment. Hash Rush is no different and I'm looking forward to sharing this story with the world."


NFTWatch: Back in March, BloomX co-founder Luis Buenaventura II sold the artwork Satoshi The Creator – Genesis by Joe Delbo as an NFT for $443,778, made up for 222 digital editions each priced at $1,999. It was Joe Delbo, a journeyman comic book artist from the eighties and nineties, who also sold a Wonder Woman NFT for almost $2 million making headlined worldwide and saw both DC and Marvel Comics issue statements to their creators restricting their rights to sell NFTs of their original artwork using Marvel or DC characters. But Satoshi The Creator was an original Delbo creation, intended to be an NFT from the beginning, with a backstory of a being powered by Bitcoin, who fights against the "Defenders of Fiat and the Metamachines" with his katanas of lightning. And is a reference to presumed creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Ans Buenaventura sees NFTs as a way for other Filipino comic book artists to make the kind of money that has been denied them their careers, and has just launched the new Binance NFT marketplace to do just that. saying that the growth of crypto "makes the globalization of art possible" and "More Filipino artists can find their space in the global NFT market and compete on a level playing field. Collectors all over the world can take a look at their work. Never has there been a time when artists could reach a global stage through technology."



NFTWatch:  Evan Shapiro, former head of cable networks IFC and Pivot is creating a comic series Darkland as an NFT on the Macroverse platform. He describes the project as a "deliciously twisted black comedy" that combines Game of Thrones with In the Loop. The story is set in Hell populated by Satan, the Seven Princes of Hell and the Archangels. The platform will allow him to sell a multi-page comic book as an NFT rather than just a single image. he first release of the series will be in mid-July, with a source book that delves into the history of the characters with art by Laurent Reis. The launch of the full series will follow in August.


NFTWatch: Comic-Con@Home next month will see creator Priscilla Wilson, also known as Valor and Vellum, offer several new exclusives and debuts including NFT aspects. The glow-in-the-dark Summer Fruits Strawberry Soonay (25 copies), the semi-translucent Summer Fruits Watermelon Soonay (10 copies) and Beehive Collectibles 2021 Store Exclusive Soonay (24 copies will cost $65 each. Each figure has been hand-cast by Bean Largent Art and hand-painted by Wilson. Additionally, the first two figures will come with a limited edition 3″ vinyl sticker, the third with a limited-t-two chase variant and all with an NFT. They will all go on sale from 11am PT on Saturday the 24th of July on Shopify.


NFTWatch: The Emergents comic book universe is returning to publication courtesy of NFTs and Brian David-Marshall's company called InterPop, part of TQ Tezos, behind the Tezos blockchain currency, which is meant to use much less energy than the headline-making NFTs. And it seems that The Emergents is now  way to promote that currency. Designed some time ago, it was published as a deck-building game, and most recently as an NFT trading card game, but the comics are now being published for free, digitally, but can also be bought as NFTs. The first two series being made available are The Nine and Emergents Presents, including work from creators including Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Will Pfeifer, Danielle Paige, Steve Ellis and Steve Buccellato, edited by former DC editor Rachel Gluckstern.


NFTWatch: Square Enix has announced its Million Arthur NFT will be sold, with Double Jump.Tokyo, using LINE Blockchain. There are multiple NFT stickers currently in the works, as well as a four-panel comic that will be shown at a later date. The stickers, designed by manga artist Choboraunyopomi, will each have a unique ID attached and will be tradeable using LINE's NFT marketplace. The announcement also states that the stickers can be "pasted" onto things like physical stickers or LINE stamps, whatever that means.


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