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No NFTs For DSTLRY, They Promise, Honest
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the new comic book publisher from the ashes of ComiXology, DSTLRY, which will publish creator-owned comics from the founders (Bleeding Cool debuted the full list of names) in oversized print and then publish digitally for a limited time, before allowing people to trade digital copies of a[...]
Noucs: Nowntown Launches In Titan Comics 2023 Solicits
Titan Comics' Senior Editor David Leach is writing a new comic book being published Titan Comics in their April 2023 solicits and solicitations, based on the Nouns DAO NFTs, to be drawn by Danny Schlitz From the Nouns website, "Nouns are an experimental attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities While projects such[...]
Sean Chen Genesis
247 Comics is a new content studio where both top creators and new voices in sequential storytelling will harness the power of emerging technology for an unparalleled reading and collecting experience." "Emerging technology", we all read that right? Okay, place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, augmented reality, Web3, NFT or a GPDS tracker embedded in the[...]
The EY3K0N Anthology is an NFT-powered digital comic book series from Rebel Studios Which, yes, is still a thing A series of comic book stories set in their EY3K0N world And today they are launching what they call a limited free airdrop of NFT access passes to provide holders with an exclusive look at the[...]
NFTWatch: Van Jensen To Publish NFT Comics With Leri Greer as Eon Rift
Comic book creator Van Jensen and WETA conceptual artist Leri Greer have founded an NFT-based company with impeccable timing, Eon Rift, intended to publish NFT comics, video games, metaverse, physical collectables and more. "We're bringing Eon Rift to a wide variety of formats for people to enjoy and interact with the world Our vision for Eon[...]
BossLogic Made The Creative Director Of Fragment, the "Marvel of Web3"
As part of the partnership, Fragment has also acquired Bosslogic's Mega Mutant NFT, making it the 6th Mega Mutant IP to join Applied Primate Engineering (A.P.E.); Fragment's storytelling NFT project.  He says "I am thrilled to be joining forces with the Fragment team and help leverage my experience towards the progression of their roadmap and[...]
Bored Ape Yacht Club And Image Comics
Jeff Boison, former Image Comics Director of Sales and Publishing Planning, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Fragment Studios, an NFT token launchpad that "leverages NFT IP to create storytelling projects with community ownership opportunities." Nope, me neither, but let's see if we can get any clarity on this. Applied Primate Engineering (A.P.E.) is Fragment's[...]
Starting Lineup Is Back With Eight NBA Stars, Preorders Live
NBA stars will kick off the line, eight in all: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, Ja Morant, Joel Embiid and Trae Young. Each will come with a flight stand, two extra pairs of hands, a trading card, and an NFT for some reason Each will also be fully authentic, right down to[...]
Pat Mills, Creator Of 2000AD Launches NFT Edition Of Judge Dredd Secret History
Which is why it was a slight surprise to discover that he had go head over heels into NFTs A bit like finding Johnny Rotten wants Jacob Rees-Mogg to be Prime Minister And indeed, in a recent Substrack newsletter written by his wife, Lisa Mills, they state that Pat Mills is writing a new chapter[...]
NFTWatch: From Jae Lee's Seven Sons To Rob Liefeld's Deadpool
NFT Watch: San Diego Comic-Con starts tomorrow, a show that is often criticised for no longer being just about comics but a) it never was and b) it has more comic book-related programming than any other event in the entire world – even the likes of Angouleme and Comiket, which have different focuses You can[...]
Bleeding Cool's Mammoth San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Party List
There is a lot of bad feeling among some people, especially comic creators, regarding the rise of NFTs, initially over their extreme use of electricity and energy, but after that was heavily reduced for many non-fungible token offerings, it has been criticised for money laundering, tax avoidance and corruption on a multi-global scale, or for[...]
Stan Lee's Genesis has launched a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain ahead of the release of Stan Lee's Genesis physical table-top board game next summer Stan Lee's Genesis introduces 200 new characters imagined and illustrated by writer/producer Tom Akel and comic book artist, Ryan Benjamin. In Stan Lee's Genesis, players must harness[...]
DC Comics
I wonder what the penalties are if either go down in value? And while DC Comics doesn't have their own cryptocurrency, given recent moves it can really only be a matter of time… Bleeding Cool leaked the letter sent to DC Comics freelancers last night regarding the use of NFT non-fungible tokens for selling artwork[...]
NFTWatch: From Jae Lee's Seven Sons To Rob Liefeld's Deadpool
NFTWatch: Welcome to a semi-regular runaround of NFT news as it pertains to the comic book marketplace Slammed by some for being environmentally damaging Ponzi schemes for money launderers and corporate thieves preying on people overspending for nothing more than unreliable links, more comic book artists are looking at non-fungible tokens as a way to[...]
Pink Cat Fight At TCAF – Saba Moeel & Toronto Comic Art Festival
She is currently selling a generative NFT collection, merch, and self producing an animated series based on her character. And it was the penultimate credit that cause the issue, selling NFTs based on her work, and generative ones at that, an algorithm that creates and recreates different unique versions of her work, the kind of this[...]
Bored Ape Yacht Club And Image Comics
I can't wait to continue to see what you all produce and hope to run into you down the line at a con or wherever! Feel free to keep in touch – my cell number stays the same (below) – and take care! -J   The Story Behind That Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT & Image Comics Most intriguing[...]
Rob Feldman's NFT Comic Cyko Ko Comes To Print With Rocketshi[
Rob Feldman's comic book Cyko KO is coming to print, but only for Cyko Headz NFT holders Cyko KO premiered as the first Webtoon Originals "FX" series in the United States in 2015 It later went to print and received a Ringo Award Nomination in 2018 for Best Kids Graphic Novel In 2021, Feldman joined[...]
Rob Liefeld Auctions BloodStrike Remastered NFTs For 30th Anniversary
Unless it's on Andrew Rev's own private shelves. Rob Liefeld Auctions BloodStrike Remastered NFTs For 30th Anniversary So instead Rob Liefeld turns to one of his spinoff titles from thirty years ago, Bloodstrike Announcing an NFT auction for remastered copies of Bloodstrike #1 via his MakersPlace account, with nine unique NFT covers Liefeld says "For this special[...]
Transformers x Funko NFT Event Kicks Off on March 15
Funko continues their Digital Pop NFT events as they return collectors to the world of Transformers once again NFTs are the newest and silliest craze, but Funko does things differently as some digital Pops have the ability to become physical collectibles Like most Funko NFT events, two different Packs will be revealed with a Standard[...]
NFT Bored Apes infest One Star Squadron
Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), or simply Bored Ape, is a non-fungible token (NFT) collection on the Ethereum blockchain The collection features profile pictures of apes that are generated by an algorithm.  The project launched in April last year, and owners are granted access to a private online club and intellectual property rights for the[...]
Neil Gaiman Auctions NFT Of His Poem To Aid Afghanistian Refugees
Today he will see an NFT of the film of his poem, What You Need To Be Warm, which he donated to the UNHCR alongside a never-before-published message from Gaiman, up for auction by Mars Panda World The winning bidder will also win a signed copy of The Sandman with a personalised message donated by[...]
Neal Adams Combines New York Trip & Dinner, NFT & Hash Rush Comics
Auction house Comic Connect is going to combine dinner with Neal Adams, a new Neal Adams comic book Hash Rush based on an online game and the inevitable NFTs "It's a first-of-its-kind," says Vincent Zurzolo, COO of "We've combined classic comics—including a one-of-a-kind—with their high-tech equivalent, NFTs, then added a once-in-a-lifetime experience with an[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Gumroad, Brian "Box" Brown and NFTs
I say, recently. Brian "Box "Brown tweeted out "so the reason I've been ramping up my original art sales is bc my former regular freelance employer has let me know they'll be…Embracing NFTs so…we had to part ways… it was Gumroad they employed me for a while and let me do super fun stuff for a[...]
Valiant Goes All In On NFT And Metaverse Web 3.0 - Maybe Comics Too?
Fans will unite as they play, collect and earn together in an all-new platform accompanied by an official dedicated Discord channel to help players enter the Valiant Universe. To launch their debut into the metaverse, Valiant will be unveiling a 3D Genesis Mint Pass token granting access to the first season of character NFT drops [with[...]
Rob Liefeld Was To Launch new Superhero Team By NFT But Changed Mind
Back in April last year, Image Comics founder and Deadpool and Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld announced that he had been planning to alunch a new superhero team, via NFT But that he had changed his mind After we noted that The Defiants suggested Rob Liefeld's version of Guardians Of The Galaxy, he posted; Too much unknown[...]
SEGA Rolls Back NFT Plans After Negative Fan Reaction
It looks like SEGA has decided to hold back a bit on their plans for NFT content after fan outrage on social media criticized the move Last week, SEGA announced (along with other companies like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and Square Enix) that they would be experimenting with NFTs and other up-and-coming emerging tech, possibly releasing[...]
South Korea flag, image by railway fx /
The latest trend in mobile that's slowly becoming extremely lucrative (at least for the companies publishing them) are mobile titles that involve players being able to earn blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as cashable NFT content, as people have been making their way to these games to see if they can score big on the[...]
NFTWatch: Comics Folk Boycott Kickstarter Over New Blockchain Plans
Earlier this week, it was reported that Kickstarter is to build a new crowdfunding system much like Kickstarter's but based on blockchain technology, as are cryptocurrencies and NFTs And that when it's ready, Kickstarter will switch its own website to the new infrastructure, and the new company will make the tools available for anyone to[...]
Now Steve Geppi Gets In To NFTs With Geppi Treasury
Steve Geppi of Diamond Comic Distributors has announced the launch of Geppi Treasury, a collection of important pieces of pop art and collectibles from the last hundred years now available for fractional ownership as NFTs The first piece to be offered to the public is the 1937 movie poster illustration for Snow White and the[...]
Todd McFarlane Launches His Own NFT Marketplace, OddKey
Todd McFarlane has announced the launch of today—an NFT marketplace powered by Metaplex, alongside Steve Aoki's NFT Agency, Aoki Industries The latest entrant into the world of non-fungible tokens is, according to them "founded out of a desire to help provide creators (from comics, sci-fi, fantasy, music, and more) with a safe platform to[...]