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NFTWatch: Todd McFarlane Spawns Another, And The Boys Censored
In a previous NFTWatch, Bleeding Cool highlighted a new comic book NFT company called EY3K0N – presumably pronounced "Icon" Which promised the following; Is Adam Pollina Behind New Comic Book NFT Company EY3K0N? GALLERY – LIVE Discover a universe of iconic characters in the interactive gallery From future-fashion to cyber- enhancement trends[...]
NFTWatch: From Jae Lee's Seven Sons To Rob Liefeld's Deadpool
NFTWatch: Welcome to a semi-regular runaround of NFT news as it pertains to the comic book marketplace Slammed by some for being environmentally damaging Ponzi schemes for money launderers and corporate thieves preying on people overspending for nothing more than unreliable links, more comic book artists are looking at non-fungible tokens as a way to[...]