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Nice House On The Lake #8 Review: Worth Any Cost

In a freaky twisting of reality television tropes, The Nice House On The Lake #8 shuffles the cards and plays a very different game. At the end of the world, the question becomes whether an attempt at friendship is worth any cost.

Nice House On The Lake #8 Review: Worth Any Cost
Nice House On The Lake #8 Cover. Credit: Black Label/DC Comics

Walter is an extraterrestrial who has been living on earth for years, knowing all the while that the planet's time was running out. He was secretly making a list of people who would be placed in a safe place away from the literal end of the world. However, his friends were all a little too smart, and the last issue he had to reset their memories to forget the world was over. And he inserted himself into the experiment, pushing another housemate into a cell hidden in the house, able to see and hear all without anyone knowing she was there. Now he's trying to nudge his little experiment towards a kind of homeostasis, but the "toys aren't being obedient enough."

This script from James Tynion the Fourth meticulously resets the chessboard, but all the pieces are in the wrong places, and even the pieces seem to know that, making the story all the sweeter. The claustrophobic confines of this environment are well depicted by Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Jordie Bellaire, and Andworld Design, especially the weirdness of Walter himself.

This series has been messing with your mind from its first page, and it hasn't slowed down once. There's no telling where this is all going in the best possible way. RATING: BUY.

Nice House On The Lake #8
By James Tynion the Fourth, Alvaro Martinez Bueno
With Walter living among his friends in the house, has the impossible happened? Have their lives actually — improved? Perhaps for someâbut how are things going for the one housemate whose place Walter took?

Nice House On The Lake #8

Nice House On The Lake #8 Review: Worth Any Cost
Review by Hannibal Tabu

A social experiment illuminated by the embers of a dying earth gets a new set of parameters, but will even direct influence from the relative Schroedinger fix things?

Chris Conroy, Marquis Draper

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