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Nick Pitarra Talks About What Happened With Leviathan

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran a quick piece looking at Nick Pitarra's new publisher Karoshi and its first book, Ax-Wielder Jon getting crowdfunded later this month. And there were questions in the comments. But also answers.

Nick Pitarra Returns To Comics With Ax-Wielder Jon, From Karoshi
Ax-Wielder Jon

Bleeding Cool reader Evan Meadow replied, "Interesting how it's not noted how both Manhattan Projects and Leviathan never did and never WILL finish BECAUSE of Pitarra so I'm not sure how much noise you want to give to him on a crowdfunding book when his track record hasn't been the best lately."

Nick Pitarra Talks About What Happened With Leviathan
Leviathan by John Laymn and Nick Pitarra

And Nick Pitarra answered, saying "I've never had a falling out with Hickman, he's one of my closest friends in comics. We had plans to continue Manhattan Projects down the line, but I never got scripts from Jon…and we both got busy. We switched to miniseries formats so we could revisit it at our leisure. That's not at all on me or any falling out with Hickman. Regarding Leviathan, Layman and I did have a slight falling out. My kid got sick and I had to live at The Ronald Mcdonald House until she healed up in the NICU…and help take care of her when she got home with medical issues. During that time Image marked the book as canceled. Layman got upset at the time it was taking for me to get back to it…as I had to take other work to make ends meet. I don't take advances on the work and the book is currently negative money wise. So when I do finish Leviathan I won't make a dime. That all said, we have made up since and Layman is going to write the 5th issue soon for me to finish off. Regarding Ax-Wielder, also, I took no advance, and have funded the 140-page hardcover myself, while not taking any money and we are launching with the book virtually complete. I hope everyone will check it out, as I think it's something special. Hope that clears up the rumors. Take care!"

Bleeding Cool reader Dante Crottogini who had responded to Ethan stated "I thought Manhattan Projects did have an ending" and got a response from Chris Stevens, "Folks, I'm the editor of this book and wanted to jump in here. comics gossip is one thing and so are facts. MANHATTAN PROJECTS did finish its course, and who knows, there might be new stories to tell one day there. LEVIATHAN was coming out when nick and his wife suffered thru extended and very serious medical issues after the birth of their daughter. LEVIATHAN has one issue left and will be completed. as someone who's had successful crowdfunding campaigns as a creator, and has also been on the retail side as a store owner, I take promises to readers&fans most seriously. it's a vow of trust between creator and patron. Nick feels the same exact way. Anyone who has concerns, find me on facebook, chat me, I'll send you a pdf where you can see for yourself that AX-WIELDER JON is nearly complete already and will be in your hands when we say it will. thanks, folks! viva comics!"

You can sign up for the Axe-Wielder Jon mailing list here.

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