Oddly Normal #5 Paves The Way To New Opportunities


It's always good news when I realize a new issue of Oddly Normal is coming out. From Image Comics, Oddly Normal #5, written and illustrated by Otis Frampton, begins with the internal dialogue that drew me to the series in the first place. We are immediately immersed in Oddly's thoughts about her current standings at school and how everyone keeps staring at her-something she will never get used to. Unfortunately for Oddly, the bully wins the lunchtime battle resulting in detention being assigned. This leads to a string of heart-pounding, mysterious events, some of which are downright awful to witness poor Oddly going through.

It seems like Frampton's script is leading us to more opportunities for what's going to happen to this character, and the challenges she will face. His illustrations continue to be whimsical, creative, and unique. This month, Tracy Bailey colors the issue giving Oddly Normal the gloomy charm we love. I do want to talk briefly about a particular scene that I've posted below. While it is a small moment in the world of Fignation, I found it to be a fantastic portrayal of the way the universe works and how Oddly's experience is being reflected through it. This is why I continue to adore Frampton's work. He is a truly talented being with excellent ideas! He knows how to utilize small details to their full advantage creating a well-rounded experience for the reader.


Despite all of the chaos throughout the issue, it ends with a hopeful interaction with a character that I'm sure we will learn more about in the future. I continue to feel very connected to Oddly's character and the struggle she is going through to fit in. I recommend this book to readers of all ages, but I definitely feel that it is a kid-friendly read. So if you have children looking to get into comic books, let Oddly Normal be the first one you hand them. It is being collected in trade paperback form and will be released March 11th. For more information about the release visit Image's website.

If you want to learn more about creator Otis Frampton check out my interview with him here on Bleeding Cool.

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