Oni Press Announces Summer 2018 Collections: Letter 44, Brobots, Junior Braves of the Apocalypse

We're only halfway through December, but Oni Press is already promoting their Summer offerings. Shots fired in the War on Christmas? U DECIDE.

The publisher sent out a press release highlighting their Summer 2018 releases and asking the question, "Why double up when you can triple up on your summer reading?" In the press release, "Portland's premier independent publisher" — take that, Image — unveils a new Hardcover collection of Charles Soule and Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque's Letter 44, in addition to Volume 2 of Michael Tanner, Greg Smith, and Zach Lehner's Junior Braves of the Apocalypse and Brobots Vol. 3 by J. Torres and Sean Dove.

Check out the solicits below:

Letter 44 Hardcover Book 1 (July 18) Written by Charles Soule, Illustrations by Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque, Colors by Guy Major and Dan Jackson

This deluxe edition collects the first 2 arcs of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning series in a new oversized format. Packed with extras, behind the scenes bonus material, sketches, concept art and more, this is one collection not to be missed.

Newly-elected president Stephen Blades hoped to tackle the most critical issues facing the nation: war, the economy, and health care. But in a letter penned by the outgoing president, Blades learns the truth that redefines "critical": seven years ago, NASA discovered alien presence in the asteroid belt, and kept it a secret from the world. A stealth mission crewed by nine astronauts was sent to make contact, and they're getting close—assuming they survive the long journey to reach their destination. What Blades learns about the aliens, and those sent to find them, will affect his entire presidency.

In 2016, Letter 44 made the Official List for Angoulême and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque won the Grand Prix at the Palavas Comics Festival.

Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Volume 2: Out of the Woods (August 8) Written by Michael Tanner & Greg Smith, Illustrations by Zach Lehner

In a zombie wasteland of unknown origin, Troop 65 marshals onwards in the hopes of finding their families in Seattle, the nearest logical evacuation location. After a difficult journey by land and river, they make a stop in a suburban town that serves as ground zero of a battle between a corporate office that may have caused the apocalypse, and the survivors staying in the nearby tribal casino.

BroBots Vol. 3: BroBots and the Shoujo Shenanigans! (August 15) Written by J. Torres, Illustrations by Sean Dove

The return of the Parent's Choice Foundation pick, BroBots! The return of the Parent's Choice Foundation pick, BroBots! The BroBots return in another thrilling, top-billing adventure—with cousins Mary Ann-droid and Barbara Ann-droid in tow! What should be a routine trip to the moon to see pop sensation Starlite quickly turns to disaster when the BroBots discover her in a deep sleep! Waking up is hard to do, but the BroBots are experts at going by the book. But where's the book that tells them how to defeat the giant, evil moon monster putting everyone to sleep? Against their biggest, baddest foe yet, do the BroBots—and their cousins—stand a chance?

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