Own a Ninja High School Original By Creator Ben Dunn

Ninja High School is among the longest-running indie comics of all time. Created by Ben Dunn, who writes and draws the title, this Antarctic Press series has run since 1987, spanning a whopping five decades with releases in the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and now 20s. That is an incredible achievement for even a corporate title, so for this modest indie title to stand the test of time in such an incredible way is a testament to the title's staying power as well as Dunn's passion and drive to create. This series often referred to as an American manga, began with lead character Jeremy Feeple, whose life changes when a ninja and an alien princess propose to him. Fans of this title can now own a piece of its history with this original artwork from the series over at Heritage Auctions.

Ninja High School page. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Ninja High School page. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Ben Dunn, Carlos Castro, and Robert Bostick Ninja High School #3 Title Page 1 Illustration Orginal Art (Antarctic Press, 1987).

 Ben Dunn's heroic trio of the popular High School Ninja are captured here in interstellar glory. Ichi-kun Ichinohei is reaching out to Jeremy Feeple, all the while, Princess Asrial appears in floating head fashion, which perfectly captures the feel of the 80's. Ninja High School was first published in 1987 by Antarctic Press, an American comic book company specializing in Amerimanga (manga-style) comics, and started off as a 4-issue run, but owing to popularity, went to over 178 issues. As an added bonus, there is a preliminary art sketch on back! This piece has an image area of 11" x 16". Ink and Zipatone over graphite on Bristol Board. Minor toning, white out correction/clean up with some production marks, tape residue on back, corner creasing, and some handling wear. Signed by Dunn on upper right corner. Art is in Very Good condition.

Fans of this long-running indie title which has lived the test of time in a way that few comics (including some of the most iconic titles) can should head over to Heritage Auctions right now to bid for this page from the early days of Ninja High School. Best of luck to everyone aiming to add this one to their collection.

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