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Ninja High School Gets A Crossover With Cerebus The Aardvark
Ben Dunn posted to Facebook last week, "NINJA HIGH SCHOOL/CEREBUS crossover? Right now, I am in touch with DAVE SIM for a possible CEREBUS/NINJA HIGH SCHOOL crossover We are in the early stages, and it is not 100%, but the door is open I already have a story in mind, and it will take place[...]
warrior nun
And it came in the form of a video of Warrior Nun creator Ben Dunn promoting an art contest for fans of the series to submit their own original designs for the new Halo – with the winner getting a hand-drawn illustration signed by Dunn that's set in the "Warrior Nun" universe While a great[...]
Secret Invasion
Any further suggestions in the comments are most welcome… The credits have dropped Kurt Busiek, Chris Claremont and Jim Craig again and have also dropped Jerry Ordway, James D Hudnall and John Ridgway. They have returned Ben Dunn, Kevin Gunstone, Christopher Priest and Kenny Martinez. You can see previous credits from the previous three episodes, for Secret Invasion[...]
Tell us if we are right, or wrong – and thanks to Mathew Folwell for a correction from last week's list. Brian Michael Bendis – writer and co-creator of the series Secret Invasion (2008), co-creator of Maria Hill in The New Avengers #4 (2005), Pagon in New Avengers #1, co-creator of Dro'ge in New Avengers #40[...]
Secret Invasion
Any further suggestions in the comments are most welcome… With Special Thanks To: Brian Michael Bendis, John Byrne, Alan Coswill, Jim Craig, Peter David, Ben Dunn, Rich Elson, David Finch, Gary Frank, Kevin Gunstone, Niko Henrichon,  Jack Kirby, Andy Lanning, Bob Layton, Stan Lee, Kenny Martinez, David Michelinie, Christopher Priest, Roy Thomas, Robbie Thompson, Leinil Francis[...]
Ben Dunn, David Furr and Shigara are collaborating on a new series, spinning out of Ninja High School, with Tomorrow Girl from Antarctic Press in April It is joined in Antarctic's April 2023 solicits by a new anthology comic Fantasy Comics #1 Here's the full listing. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border:[...]
Ben Dunn's Facebook Has Been Hacked, Sending Out Spam
If you are friends on Facebook with Antarctic Press founder and creator of Warrior Nun Areala and Ninja High School, Ben Dunn, you may have had some odd messages on Facebook of late such as "Congrats to yesterday winner we're giving out $2400 to anyone that can find another number apart from 702 in this[...]
Revisit House of Mystery with Love and Rockets’ Gilbert Hernandez
Created by Ben Dunn, who writes and draws the title, this Antarctic Press series has run since 1987, spanning a whopping five decades with releases in the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and now 20s That is an incredible achievement for even a corporate title, so for this modest indie title to stand the test of time[...]
The Last Chance to Back Warrior Nun from Avatar Press on Kickstarter
If you enjoy the TV series, Warrior Nun: Dora feels like a prequel, approaching the concept with that rebellious 90s energy. Kickstarter Rewards Here's where the collectors and the original fans of Ben Dunn's original comic will rejoice In addition to paperback and hardcover options for Warrior Nun: Dora, the Kickstarter includes exclusive collector's items, such as the[...]
Ninja High School - and Antarctic Press - Celebrate 35 Years In May 2020
In May 2020, Antarctic Press will publish Ninja High School #177 by Ben Dunn, to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the comic book – and the publisher who began with its first issue, Antarctic Press Not only will it publish the issue, which will see the return of the school, and with original characters who[...]
Ben Dunn Proves That Science Is Magic In January
That's the cover for Ben Dunn's oneshot comic out in January, Science Is Magic. The battle of the sexes is more pitched than ever, divided between reliance on the mystical and mechanical!  Certain women are graced with powerful magical talent, solving problems with spells both fierce and subtle.  Many men are gifted instead with talent for technology and[...]