Own A Spider-Man Classic From Auction On ComicConnect

Amazing Spider-Man fans and collectors are often spilled over what their favorite issue or cover is, but one issue that comes up more often than not is #33. Featuring a story and images that have been recreated over and over again in other issues and media over the decades, "The Final Chapter" embodies everything that Spider-Man stands for to this day, and is a must-have for any Spidey collector. Up for auction right now is a pretty nice copy of Amazing #33, a CGC graded 8.0 to be exact. It is part of ComicConnect Event Auction #43, running now until August 24th. It is sitting at a very nice $89 right now, low for such an iconic book in this grade. You can check it out below.

Own A Spider-Man Classic From Auction On Comic Connect
Amazing Spider-Man #33 CGC 8.0. Credit ComicConnect

Grab This At A Great Price, Spider-Man Fans

"Ow/w pages classic Ditko CVR/art; Dr. Curt Connors app. Ask a hundred Spidey fans what their favorite Ditko Spidey story is, and many, including Metropolis COO, Vincent Zurzolo, will point out #33. This has an incredible story, amazing art, and a cliffhanger on every page that will make you cheer and root for ol' Webhead!"

Indeed, this is many a fan's favorite story. Ditko really nailed this cover, too; it might be my personal favorite. Something about the way the water is hitting his head, you can feel the weight of the situation Spider-Man finds himself in with just a glance. This book is getting tough to get a hold of in any kind of good shape, so a graded copy like this should fly up in price. Again, this is part of ComicConnect's Event Auction #43, which ends on August 24th. This book is sure to go up a bit, but get a bid in now and see if you can snag it a little cheaper than you might somewhere else. The details can be found here, and while over there, check out the other items up for this round of auctions.

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