Peter Mayhew Needs Your Help

I was checking my twitter feed last night, reading Steranko's amazing tales, catching up on a few friend's weekends and then I found this…

chewbaccaI grew up a Star Wars fan. Chewbaca was my introduction to a science fiction world that opened my eyes to so many creative ideas. I see that Peter Mayhew needs help… I'm clicking that link.

Mayhew was born with Gigantism, which gave him his height of 7'3" and got him the role of a lifetime. But it also comes with some serious health issues. He has great difficulty standing up straight and can't walk without the use of a cane or wheelchair. His doctors has come up with a series of surgeries that could give him the ability to walk unassisted.

The plan is to film a documentary that follows Mayhew from his last convention prior, through the four surgeries and up until he walks again. They will also look at his life growing up in England with gigantism. They have put together a kickstarter to fund the documentary and have put together a large list of incentives that go from the smallest… promising he won't rip your arms off… to a hand sculpted bust of Mayhew.

Star War fans should check out the link and help out one of the icons that helped make one of the most memorable movie franchises of all time.


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