Politicians Make Populist Anti-Symbiote Stance In Venom #2 (Spoilers)

Today's Venom #2 sees a politician gain strong support making a stand against symbiotes. Because this is the Marvel Universe and that probably makes sense. Those alien symbiotes come over here, stealing our men and women, etc etc…

The Grateful Dead X-Men

With just the right kind of shot of Venom that will play well with the rebellious masses. Look, he;'s even wearing a face mask, even though it isn't properly pulled down over his face,

The Grateful Dead X-Men

And with the Kingpin, he is committing to ridding the world of symbiotes, by any means necessary. And that means it seems, includes the Life Foundation.

The Grateful Dead X-Men

The Life Foundation is a survivalist group created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane in Amazing Spider-Man #298 and #299 in 1988. The Life Foundation assists in dealing with Venom interfering with a search for a lost stockpile of gold supposedly buried somewhere beneath a park in San Francisco. Much later, at their Mojave facility, the Life Foundation experiment with the Venom symbiote which extracts five additional symbiotes which bonded with their own mercenaries: Scream, Riot, Agony, Phage and Lasher. The Life Foundation's symbiote enforcers commit random acts of violence throughout San Francisco to test their capabilities, drawing Spider-Man's attention to follows back to the Life Foundation situated in the Mojave Desert. Spider-Man and Eddie Brock team-up to combat the symbiotes, seemingly killing the creatures and depowering their hosts, a development that prompts the Life Foundation (led by Drake) into abandoning and destroying the Mojave facility. Unknown to the Life Foundation, their five symbiote enforcers somehow survive the explosion and rebel against before fleeing to New York City. So they have form. But more about making new symbiotes than destroying old ones.

The Grateful Dead X-Men

Still, they do at least have the tech to hand…

(W) Ram V. (A/CA) Bryan Hitch
• The tour de force of comics awesomeness brought to you by the dynamite new creative team on VENOM continues! VENOM #1 shocked, intrigued and terrified you!
•  With Ram V and Al Ewing weaving a mind-bending story that will push Eddie and Dylan Brock to their limits, and Bryan Hitch doing some of the most action-packed work of his career, VENOM #2 will do all that AND MORE!
RATED T+In Shops: Dec 01, 2021
SRP: $3.99




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