A Comic Show – It's Domesday For Deadpool!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, I'm back with another stack of New Comics Now! We've got Convergence week one, a bunch of Image books, and the Death of Deadpool!

Convergence #1 has Earth 2's survivors vs Tellos' Domesday. What I didn't like was it again, like zero, was all set up (Tellos's expository dialogue). What I liked is now it's on! Next issue should be all punching in the face. All the pre-Flashpoint 1st issues were pure nostalgia. My favorites are Harley Quinn, Nightwing/Oracle, and Speed Force.

Jupiter's Circle #1 is better than Jupiter's Legacy! I mean, still pick up Jupiter's Legacy volume 1 for $10, but the prequel is perfection. It's like what if the Watchmen was based on the Superfriends. Nameless, Birthright, The Walking Dead, Rat Queens, Saga, and Descender made this week Image's! Brian Wood's Rebels made me enjoy the American Revolution. Zander Cannon's Kaijumax was super cute with heart. It's basically Orange is the New Black with Godzilla monsters!

Death of Deadpool is Marvel's biggest book of the week, but his death isn't what you think. It's hilarious and the jokes on us as the readers. Howard the Duck #2 was all Howard and Rocket in jail, and I would read on ongoing comic just on that premise alone! All New Hawkeye #2 is more family time with Lemire, but that's the best time. And Darth Vader #4 made me fall for Aphra.

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