Ark: Survival Evolved Has Released A New Paid Expansion Called Scorched Earth

So, this is a weird one.

Ark is a game in 'early access', but as teased earlier this week, it has made a huge announcement. Scorched Earth is a new bit of DLC content for the game, which brings players into a desert world, with 7 new biomes and many, many new creatures. From Manticore's to Wyverns, to Praying Mantis, to lots and lots of Dragons, it seems that this is a massive bit of content. It looks really quite awesome and to make things better, it is available right now.

However, there is a pretty big caveat there. The DLC costs $19.99, which means there is already paid additions for a game that isn't even 'finished' yet. That is new territory, and quite problematic when you get to it. I think the game offers more than enough to be considered a full release that gets extra add-ons every few weeks, but the tag of Early Access still swings over the game's head, and adding DLC on top of that… it is bound to ruffle feathers.

With that said though, I'm looking forward to picking up a copy and diving in. This looks like a lot of new content, to the point of almost being something totally different. As an avid player of the game. That is exciting.

You can take a look at it in action here.