Bill Paxton To Direct Adaptation Of Joe Landsdale's The Bottoms

bottoms Joe R. Landsdale's award-winning murder mystery/coming of age drama The Bottoms will be brought to life on the big screen under the direction of Bill Paxton, according to Deadline.

Paxton, who previously directed Frailty and hasn't been back behind the camera since 2005's The Greatest Game Ever Played, will retell the story of Henry Collins, who recalls the year of 1933, when he was 11 and when he and his family were the first to discover the mangled body of a young black woman. The crime gets buried, until more women – including white women – start showing up dead in similar fashion. It's a recipe for witch hunts and racial tensions to boil over, and sounds like pretty riveting stuff.

Here's Paxton's statement:

I have been a big fan of Joe Lansdale's writing since the Hap And Leonard novels. His stories and characters are vivid, original and indelible. The screenwriter Brent Hanley and I have been looking to team up again, since Frailty and when we read Joe's book The Bottoms, we knew we had hit pay dirt. With a story and script this good, we have a chance to make a bonafide classic. I couldn't be more excited!

Filming is scheduled for later this year.

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