Brian Bendis Has Another Go At Writing About Cambridge In Infamous Iron Man #2

It is true that Bleeding Cool has been a bit mean towards Brian Bendis for his seeming knowledge of geography when it comes to England. First by showing that Cambridge, England was in London (and possibly mixing up Cambridge, Massachusetts and Cambridge, England when reading a bio of Iron Man).

But in today's Infamous Iron Man #2, giving us another scene in Cambridge…

image-70What the hell is that? A gun? In Cambridge? Doing a little Google newsing reveals that the only guns used in Cambridge of late have been BB guns or fake firearms. No one walks around Cambridge with a gun in their bag, let alone shoots people who say their name, no matter what the provocation.

image-76Even if it's Victor Von Doom. The other question is, where did a paediatrician get a gun from?

This is Cambridge, England! Maybe Bendis has been reading too much Inspector Morse

Infamous Iron Man #2 by Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev is published today.

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