First Poster And Teaser For Trailer Of The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is another post-apocalyptic world populated by teenagers, who all end up tasked with saving the world somehow. In this one, their memories are wiped and they run through mazes like hamsters, later discovering the nefarious truth behind the question, "Why?"

This is the next film, after Divergent, to hope to launch a franchise based upon a young adult novel series. The books are by James Dashner, Wes Ball directed the adaptation, and it comes out in September.


The Maze Runner has, perhaps, two things in its favor: Its lead, Dylan O'Brien, is someone I think has screen presence and charm and talent for days, and has been poised for a breakout for a while. Its story is more male-centric and devoid of the trappings of other YA stories with female leads which – fairly or unfairly – elicit groans and laughter at the requisite romantic scenes with a hunky love interest. Even The Hunger Games was not immune from this.

So is The Maze Runner different enough that it won't suffer the fates that have befallen so many before it, even Vampire Academy, which it vacated its original February 14t release date to get away from going head to head against? We'll see. The first trailer comes out tonight, which may give us a better idea of what this will be like. Here's the inevitable teaser for the trailer:


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