Geoffrey D Wessel – Life's A Pitch At C2E2 #2 (UPDATED)

Geoffrey D Wessel has written a story for a to-be-announced Image anthology. A comic called There Is A Light with John Keogh. Together they also had a page in Phonogram Vs The Fans. He has mini-comics. And he's working on a Zuda submission.

And he's at C2E2 seeing if he can drum up a little interest as a comic book writer. It's a hell of a task, but he's keeping a diary for Bleeding Cool. Here's part two.

Geoffrey D Wessel – Life's A Pitch At C2E2 #2 (UPDATED)

Aspen: Talked with Vince Hernandez. We talked last summer at Wizard World and he remembered my name before I handed him my card. No pitch here either, but took mini-comics.

Oni Press: Talked with Charlie Chu. They have a CLOSED submission policy, but would take leave-behinds. So of course, I left the minis.

Image: This was one of the big ones I've been waiting for. Spoke with Eric Stephenson. They did not want the pitch right then and there, BUT of course did ask to have it emailed. And like Avatar, they will accept a YouSendIt link if the pitch is too big to send via conventional email.

Archie: Handed a card to Paul Kaminski, saying I was a prospective writer. He then flat out told me as a TRYOUT, write a 5-page Sonic backup. Uh, OK! Hey, Mark Millar wrote Sonic the Hedgehog too right? No worries.

Also dropped off cards at some of the video production and other media groups: Looking Glass Wars, Halo-8, Mission Park…

Finally, for now, the very first Warren Ellis T-Shirt of the Week I've seen in the field, and two random blokes I know (Will Sliney [FARSCAPE] and Ben McCool [CHOKER]).

Heading to the How to Break Into Comics the Marvel Way panel…

Geoffrey D Wessel – Life's A Pitch At C2E2 #2 (UPDATED)

Marvel Panel: Long story short, if you're a writer, MAKE YOUR OWN COMICS. Or get work elsewhere first. There ARE opportunities out there, I've already proven that today! Seriously, either get printed elsewhere or learn how to draw. It's the hard truth. If you're an artist, it's an easier time, talk to CB Cebulski.

Archaia: Finally made an approach, to Paul Morrissey, so to shmooze I gave him a copy of my minicomic ABOUT Morrissey. I already know a few people there, but once again, ran across the same: email the submissions, and they do accept YouSendIt links.

Geoffrey D Wessel – Life's A Pitch At C2E2 #2 (UPDATED)

* Breaking In To Comics the Marvel Way panel — L-R: CB Cebulski, Tom Breevort (obscured), Jonathan Hickman, Fred Van Lente, Jeph Loeb, Marjorie Liu, Mike Choi, Chris Sotomayor, Arune Singh

* Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows signing at the Avatar table, with Christos Gage in the background

* DC and Vertigo: Gave a card, would NOT take mini-comics. Instead, parroting what Marvel said, get published elsewhere first, then send that stuff to editors. Basically.

* Zenescope: No pitches. Raven Gregory took my card and mini-comics.

* Been trying to get with BOOM! Studios but can't ever seem to find an editor. I have people looking out for me tho.

* Top Cow: Delivered card, and that's all.

More later. Wish I could watch "Victory of the Daleks" tonight…

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