How John Layman Trolled The Internet With Chew #54 (Spoilers)

John Layman like to troll people. The internet, his fans, anyone who wanders into his line of fire.

Take the last two issues of Chew. Issue 54 had this happen. Tony Chew's fellow cibopath Savoy Mason contemplating the taking a life to save, as he saw it, the world.


That's Amelia in the photo, Tony Chu's fiance. Who has her own way of looking at the world. And clearly something must be done.

chewcIt's all getting rather fridge-ey, isn't it?chewbDark forces are gathering… and Amelia starts to see a different future for herself.

And Savoy makes his move…

And ends with…

chewaAt which point, John Layman, begins teasing issue 55.

Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth. Until you actually pick up issue 55. And get past that first page…

chewi chewj

Yup, that's John Layman! And as for Savoy Mason…chewk

Just don't think you're getting out of it that easily….


Which goes right back to what Savoy was actually talking about at the beginning of issue 54…

And he loves it. Loves it.

More to come…

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